Dublin Airport anticipates busy Bank Holiday weekend

Dublin Airport T2 exterior
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Around 405,000 passengers are set to travel through Dublin Airport over the October bank holiday weekend.

According to the Airport, Friday is expected to be the busiest day of the period, however both Saturday and Sunday are predicted to be very busy departure days.

Expect a Bustling Friday

Friday, during the October bank holiday weekend, is anticipated to be the busiest day at Dublin Airport, with approximately 109,000 passengers arriving and departing.

Specifically, nearly 60,000 passengers are set to depart on this day. But don’t fret if your plans involve traveling on Saturday or Sunday, as those days won’t be much different.

Each of these days is expected to see just under 55,000 departures.

Mid-Term Break Rush

For the duration of the mid-term break (from Friday, October 27, to Sunday, November 5), it’s projected that nearly 1 million passengers—950,000 to be precise—will pass through Dublin Airport.

The most sought-after European destinations for these travelers are London and Amsterdam, while New York and Chicago take the lead as the preferred transatlantic destinations.


Dublin Airport Comfortably Ahead of Pre-Pandemic Levels
Photo Credit: Dublin Airport.

Arrival and Departure Tips

If you’re one of the many passengers traveling during this busy period, here are some essential tips to keep in mind for a stress-free journey:

Arrive Early: Dublin Airport recommends that travelers, especially those with families embarking on mid-term getaways, arrive at their departure terminal at least two hours before a short-haul flight and three hours before a long-haul flight.

Dublin Airport’s Upgrades: Dublin Airport’s Managing Director, Gary McLean, is enthusiastic about the airport’s preparations for the bustling October Bank Holiday and Mid-Term Break.

He stated, “Passengers traveling during the Bank Holiday weekend and mid-term break can look forward to a seamless journey through Dublin Airport.”

McLean emphasized the consistently short security processing times, and the introduction of new food and beverage outlets in both terminals, additional seating, enhanced free Wi-Fi services, and more phone charging facilities to keep you connected before your flight.

So, make the most of these improvements!

Parking Advice: Given the high demand for parking during this weekend, it’s advisable to book your parking online in advance. However, consider alternative transportation options like buses, taxis, or drop-offs if parking is not an option for you.

Gary McLean adds, “We look forward to welcoming all passengers traveling this weekend and wish everyone a pleasant trip.”

Security Preparations

To ensure the smoothest journey possible, here are some security-related pointers to keep in mind:

Preparation is Key: Dublin Airport suggests passengers prepare for security in advance. Once checked in, make your way directly to the passenger security screening area.

Liquids Regulations: Although Dublin Airport has introduced new enhanced C3 scanners, the rules regarding liquids remain unchanged.

Passengers should continue to prepare for security as they normally would. Remember that liquids over 100ml are not allowed through security, but liquids under 100ml are acceptable.

These should be placed in a single transparent, re-sealable bag measuring not more than 20cm x 20cm. Exemptions apply for medicines and baby food.

Terminal Information: It’s crucial to check which terminal your flight is departing from before arriving at the airport to avoid any last-minute confusion.

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