Delta prepares to open new Sky Club in Newark’s Terminal A

Render of new Delta Air Lines Delta Sky lounge at Newark Airport.
Image Credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is ready to welcome passengers to its 5th brand new location for its Sky Club at Newark Liberty’s Terminal A.

At present the airline currently has its Sky Club in Newark’s Terminal B, but now with Newark Liberty Airport International (EWR) brand new Terminal A opening earlier this year, Delta is one of a handful of airlines transferring terminals.

As such so does it’s Sky Club in order to cater to its premium customers and frequent fliers.

Delta’s new Terminal A Sky Club joins 4 other recently opened lounges in neighbouring NYC airports as well as at other airports around the country.

These other locations include JFK’s Terminal 4-A club, which opened last July.

Furthermore, there is Delta’s brand new dedicated terminal at New York La Guardia Terminal C, which now features the largest Sky Club in the network.

Render of new Delta Air Lines Delta Sky lounge at Newark Airport.


Sky Club features at a glance

Taking a brief glance at some of the features of Delta’s new EWR Terminal A Sky Club, we see that the lounge has a total 7,000+ square foot space with seats for over 200 guests. This is around 50 more seats than the Terminal B club.

The lounge is incredibly open planned and intriguingly it features a wide variety of acoustic systems that help absorb and block out aircraft noise on the outside.

As for the general design of the lounge, it takes inspiration from many aspects of the surrounding area such as using a rich green colour palette, referencing the nickname of “Garden State”.

In addition, the design of the lounge also pays a lot of homage to New York’s history, being a massive manufacturing hub in years gone by.

Render of new Delta Air Lines Delta Sky lounge at Newark Airport.
Image Credits: Delta Air Lines

In the past New York has been known for its factories, leather tanneries and breweries, so at the EWR Sky Club, Delta has reflected that by using warm leather textures and metallic finishes, giving it a rustic look.

Moving towards the food and beverage side of the lounge features, customers can either drink from the premium bar or at the beverage station.

Lastly, customers can also find all day buffet that is stocked with seasonal foods to give a wide variety of meal options year round whilst passengers wait for their flight.

Vice President praises Lounge opening

Claude Roussel, Vice President of Sky Clubs and Lounge Experience was present to comment saying, “This lounge is a true product of its environment – both in the airport and the surrounding Newark area”.

He added, “Our team has used thoughtful design touches to create a welcoming, relaxing space in the middle of a busy terminal. We cant wait for Newark guests to discover this lounge for themselves and experience our Signature Delta Sky Club”.

With the move to the new Terminal A complete, Delta customers can now look forward to a far more easier and modern terminal experience when flying in and out of Newark Liberty.

As an airport that has regularly been criticised for its poor passenger experience Terminal A and this new Delta Sky Club are sure to uplift the passenger experience significantly.

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By Lewis Chesworth 4 Min Read
4 Min Read
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