Corporación América Airports Reports Strong Growth

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LONDON – This week Corporación América Airports revealed that each of its sectors has seen some strong growth during 2022.

Corporación América Airports’ Figures…

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Corporación América Airports reported a strong 30.5% YoY increase in passenger traffic in December 2022, reaching 87.2% of December 2019 levels. The number is very close to 87.4% posted in November.

In 2022, Corporación América Airports served 65.6 million passengers, 83.7% above the 35.7 million passengers served in 2021, but still, 22.1% below the 84.2 million served in 2019.

In December 2022, international and domestic passenger traffic reported by the biggest airport operator reached 90.1% and 85.0% of December 2019 levels, respectively.

Total passenger traffic grew 30.5% compared to the same month of 2021, driven by an ongoing recovery in travel demand following the lifting of travel restrictions.

Corporación América Airports operates 53 airports in 6 countries across Latin America and Europe, including Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Armenia, and Italy. It is the largest private airport operator in the world by a number of airports.

Countries Figures…

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The latest results reported by the company largely vary from a country perspective. In Armenia, passenger traffic surpassed pre-pandemic levels for the eighth consecutive month, at 147.7% of December 2019 figures.

A completely different story might be observed in Brazil, where total passenger traffic decreased 2.5% YoY, and reached 84.3% of December 2019 levels, down from 86.3% recorded in November.

Traffic in Brazil was impacted by lower public officials-related traffic, due to the change in Brazilian Administration, and higher airfare impacting travel demand.

In Argentina, total passenger traffic continued to recover increasing 56.0% YoY and reaching 92.1% of December 2019 levels, up from the 91.7% posted in November.

In Italy, passenger traffic grew 49.7% YoY reaching 85.4% of December 2019 levels, up from the 82.7% posted in November.

In Uruguay, total passenger traffic, which is largely international, increased 46.0% YoY and reached 79.0% of December 2019 levels, down from the 87.9% posted in November.

In Ecuador, passenger traffic increased 25.4% YoY to 94.5% of pre-pandemic levels.

Corporación América Airports added that cargo volume increased 1.6% YoY to 89.4% of December 2019 levels, or to 90.6% when adjusting for the discontinuation in Peru.

Aircraft movements increased 20.0% YoY reaching 96.2% of December 2019 levels, or 99.8% when adjusting for the discontinuation of operations in Peru. 

Worldwide Sectors’ YoY Rates…

The air travel recovery continued through the last months of the year. Earlier this month, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported passenger traffic in November 2022.

Referring to international passenger markets, the strongest YoY rate among the regions reached Asia-Pacific airlines, with a 373.9% rise in November traffic compared to November 2021.

Latin American airlines’ November traffic rose “only” 59.2% compared to the same month in 2021.

European carriers’ November traffic climbed 45.3% versus November 2021. Middle Eastern airlines saw an 84.6% traffic rise in November compared to November 2021.

North American carriers experienced a 69.9% traffic rise in November versus the 2021 period.

African airlines had an 83.5% rise in November RPKs versus a year ago.

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