Come Together!: 60 Years Since The Beatles First U.S Trip

Come Together!: 60 Years Since The Beatles First U.S Trip
Photo Credit: London Heathrow Airport.

London Heathrow celebrated 60 years since The Beatles first came to the airport for their first U.S tour, in an effort to “Come Together”!

The band is well known in the UK as well as globally for their contributions to music.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Heathrow Details February 22, 1964…

Come Together!: 60 Years Since The Beatles First U.S Trip
Photo Credit: London Heathrow Airport.

Celebrating in style by copying the famous album cover from “Abbey Road”, special photos were taken for this event.

The Beatles flew from London Heathrow to the United States for their first tour in North America back in 1964.

A week after their single “I Want to Hold Your Hand” went to number one, they flew with Pan Am to New York.

This is just one of the many significant events that has happened at London Heathrow, as discussed in a statement:

“Heathrow has played a part in numerous cultural moments including HM Queen Elizabeth II first stepping foot on UK soil after becoming sovereign”.

“[As well as this], while in Kenya, England Rugby Team’s touch down in the UK following their 2003 World Cup win”.

February 22, 1964 wouldn’t be the only time using London Heathrow, however.

Two years later, in 1966, The Beatles did the same and used the airport to begin another North American tour.

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60 Years Since The Beatles & Their First Tour to North America…

Photo Credit: London Heathrow Airport.

It is events like the 60th anniversary of The Beatles heading out to their first U.S tour that highlight history.

Particularly in the case of London Heathrow, this has been vast in it’s nature.

Heathrow Airport began in 1929 as Great West Aerodrome on land southeast of the airport itself.

Eventually, development of the whole area as a larger airport began in 1944 during World War II and was going to be used for military.

However, by the time the war ended, development continued on the site to turn it into a civil airfield.

By 1946, the airport was opened as London Airport, before being renamed as Heathrow Airport in September 1966.

This was due to confusion when Gatwick and Stansted eventually opened.

Overall, such an anniversary from London Heathrow to celebrate the 60th anniversary of The Beatles first visit is a cool story.

They were a band that changed the world of music at that time, and will never be forgotten.

Come Together!

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