Brisbane Airport enjoys a booming financial year

Aerial view of Brisbane Airport.
Photo Credit: Brisbane Airport Corporation.

In a testament to Queensland’s recovery and growth, Brisbane Airport has released strong numbers for the financial year, ending on June 30.

The statistics paint a vivid picture of a region that is bouncing back with vigour – over 20 million passengers passed through Brisbane (BNE) across the year.

Processing the Stats

In the financial year that just concluded, over 20 million passengers journeyed through the vibrant domestic and international terminals of Brisbane Airport.

To put this into perspective, it translates to more than a full Suncorp Stadium of people traversing these terminals each day or an astonishing average of 55,000 individuals daily. However, these figures go beyond just passengers.

Source: Brisbane Airport

Within the airport’s grounds, a staggering 24,000 people also contribute by coming to work at BNE every single day. Gert-Jan de Graaff, the CEO of Brisbane Airport Corporation, aptly summarizes the achievement, stating, “When Brisbane Airport is thriving, Queensland is thriving.”

The airport’s success bodes well for the overall recovery of tourism and job opportunities across the Sunshine State.


A view over Brisbane Airport domestic terminal
Phil Vabre (GFDL or GFDL), via Wikimedia Commons

A Remarkable Rebound

This milestone is even more impressive when considering the challenges posed by the global pandemic. The airport managed to handle a total of 20 million passengers, signaling a noteworthy recovery.

In comparison, the pre-pandemic year of 2019 witnessed 23.7 million passengers passing through the airport.

A testament to resilience, these numbers indicate a remarkable rebound considering the circumstances.

Unpacking the FY23 Figures

Breaking down the numbers further, the domestic terminal welcomed a staggering 16 million passengers in the fiscal year 2023, underscoring its vital role in connecting people across the nation.

Simultaneously, the international terminal received 4 million passengers, a clear testament to Brisbane’s status as a global gateway.

In a feat that signifies the progress made, the recovery rates for the final month of FY23 are impressive. The domestic terminal had bounced back to 98% of its pre-Covid capacity, with June witnessing bustling activities.

On the international front, the terminal’s recovery stood at an encouraging 77%, an indication of steady international travel resumption.

Peaks and Valleys of Activity

Within the fiscal year 2023, certain days stood out for their contrasting passenger volumes. The quietest day, Christmas Day, witnessed a modest 25,935 passengers at the Domestic Terminal, reflecting the holiday spirit.

In stark contrast, the busiest day was recorded on April 6, 2023, as 56,115 people swarmed through the Domestic Terminal.

Notable Services

Several Brisbane services distinguished themselves by surpassing pre-COVID passenger numbers. Noteworthy mentions include:

Moranbah: With an impressive 49% increase over FY19, Moranbah hosted 86,864 additional passengers.

Hobart: Demonstrating a resilient 24% increase over FY19, Hobart warmly welcomed 58,102 more passengers.

Albury: A new market that didn’t operate in FY19, Albury managed to attract 46,057 passengers.

Launceston: With a notable 37% increase over FY19, Launceston saw an influx of 44,201 additional passengers.

Hamilton Island: Experiencing a substantial 34% increase over FY19, Hamilton Island’s popularity soared with 42,379 more passengers.

International Market Dynamics

On the international front, New Zealand remains Brisbane’s premier market. The United Kingdom has ascended to become the third-largest market (previously fifth in FY19).

Impressively, India has rapidly surged to secure the fifth spot (formerly seventh in FY19), even without a direct service.

Fiji’s outstanding performance is also evident, having surpassed FY19 volumes by an impressive 108%, establishing itself as an appealing and secure leisure destination for outbound travelers.

The Benefit of Location

One of Brisbane Airport’s key advantages is its extensive connectivity. Tourists flying into BNE gain access to the most comprehensive domestic destinations network in Australia, featuring a plethora of options.

With 52 towns and cities to choose from, 30 of which are within Queensland, the airport serves as a vital hub for travelers exploring the region.

As Brisbane anticipates population growth and gears up for the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games, Brisbane Airport is embarking on a remarkable journey of its own.

The Future BNE investment program, boasting an impressive $5+ billion budget, is underway. This visionary program is a strategic step toward accommodating future demand and ensuring that

Brisbane Airport continues to be a vibrant, accessible, and thriving gateway to Queensland and beyond.

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