Bengaluru Airport handles record perishable cargo for 3rd consecutive year

A cargo aircraft is loaded at night at Bengaluru Airport
Photo Credit: BLR Airport
By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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For three consecutive years, Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru (BLR) has maintained its position as the leading airport for exporting perishable cargo in India.

Over the past three years, this bustling airport has consistently maintained its prime position as the premier hub for exporting perishable cargo in India.

Bengaluru Airport (BLR) Growth

The extraordinary growth and accomplishments of BLR Airport underscore its pivotal role in facilitating timely export operations, connecting businesses to global markets, and enhancing India’s stature in the international arena.

In the financial year 2022-2023 (FY23), BLR Airport witnessed a commendable milestone in its journey. The airport accomplished a record tonnage of 53,751 metric tonnes (MT) in the export of perishable cargo.

This achievement marks a noteworthy 3% increase compared to the previous year, when the airport successfully handled 52,366MT of perishable cargo.

Dominance in Perishable Goods Export

Within the landscape of perishable goods export, BLR Airport holds a position of dominance. Among the spectrum of perishable items, it leads the pack in the export of poultry and floriculture/flowers in India.


Notably, there was a 9% surge in the export of these goods compared to the previous year. The airport saw the export of 39,865MT of poultry and 1,877MT of floriculture/flowers.

Fresh vegetables and fruits also played a significant role, further solidifying BLR Airport’s standing as a key player in perishable cargo export. In particular, fresh mangoes experienced a robust 10% increase in export volume during the same period.

Connecting Global Markets

The success of BLR Airport’s operations is evident in its extensive reach to international destinations. In the financial year 2022-2023, several countries emerged as prominent recipients of perishable goods exported from BLR Airport.

These destinations included Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Maldives, UAE, Kuwait, and the UK. Remarkably, countries like Maldives and Kuwait experienced a remarkable rebound in their perishable goods transportation, with a 50% growth compared to the previous year, effectively reaching pre-COVID levels.

Furthermore, the export of perishable goods to the United States tripled compared to FY22, highlighting the airport’s expanding global reach.

Driving India’s Export Landscape

Satyaki Raghunath, the Chief Strategy and Development Officer at Bangalore International Airport Ltd, shared insights into BLR Airport’s profound impact. He emphasized that the airport has played a pivotal role as one of India’s leading air cargo EXIM contributors.

With its exceptional volume shares across both Indian and South Indian airports, BLR Airport has solidified its reputation as a vital gateway for seamless export operations, allowing businesses to access global markets directly from Bengaluru.

APEDA’s Commendation

Reeba Abraham, Deputy General Manager & Regional Head at APEDA, acknowledged Bengaluru Airport’s impressive growth and success in export operations.

She commended the airport’s significant contribution to India’s overall air cargo movement, particularly in the realm of handling perishable cargo.

BLR Airport’s commitment to quality checks, grading, and sorting processes before shipping perishable goods is commendable and showcases its dedication to ensuring the highest standards of exports.

Collaborative Success

BLR Airport’s achievements aren’t solely attributed to its infrastructure but also to the collaborative efforts within the broader cargo ecosystem.

The success of handling perishable cargo is highlighted in “The BLR Cargo – Namdhari film.” This video (show above) encapsulates the stringent quality checks, rigorous grading, and meticulous sorting processes that perishable goods undergo before being shipped.

The collective efforts of staff, collaboration among partners, and the airport’s commitment to excellence culminate in its success story.

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