Beijing Daxing Handles 39.4 Million Passengers

Beijing Daxing Handles 39.4 Million Passengers
Photo Credit: 王之桐, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

China’s capital city’s newest airport, Beijing Daxing (PKX) in 2023 handled a staggering amount of passengers.

This article will cover the details surrounding Beijing Daxing’s strong year for passenger and air traffic in 2023.

Beijing Daxing – 39.4m Passengers

A China Eastern Airlines A330 taxis to the runway.
Photo Credit: Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

During 2023, Beijing’s Daxing International Airport (PKX) had a strong year, handling a total of 39.4 million passengers. Adding more to its tally since opening four years ago, read our previous article here.

In terms of air traffic for 2023, the Chinese airport handled a total of 290,000 inbound and outbound services across 30 different destinations, including China’s Special Administrative Regions, Hong Kong (HKG) and Macao (MFM).

Not only that but Beijing Daxing saw over 2 million departures and arrivals through its entry-exit port in 2023, of which more than a quarter of this figure were from the surrounding areas of Beijing, Hebei and Tianjin.

Data Credit: RadarBox

According to data from RadarBox, China Southern Airlines top the list at the airport operating a current average of 296 daily flights, followed by China Eastern Airlines with 171 average daily flights.

In terms of the busiest city pairs for Daxing, they are as follows –

  • Shenzhen (SZX) with 45 average daily flights.
  • Guangzhou (CAN) with 43 average daily flights.
  • Hangzhou (HGH) with 32 average daily flights.
  • Changsha (CSX) with 31 average daily flights.
  • Xianyang (XIY) with 30 average daily flights.
  • Chongqing (CKG) with 28 average daily flights.
  • Kunming (KMG) with 28 average daily flights.
  • Harbin (HRB) with 26 average daily flights.
  • Haikou (HAK) with 25 average daily flights.
  • Sanya (SYX) with 25 average daily flights.

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