Baku Airport Traffic Reaches Historical Levels

Baku Airport Traffic Reaches Historical Levels
Photo Credit: Ds02006, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This week it has been revealed that Azerbaijan’s main airport in Baku has reached historical passenger traffic levels.

This article will cover the details surrounding the record passenger traffic levels at Baku Airport in Azerbaijan for 2023.

Baku Airport Traffic Levels

Baku Airport Traffic Reaches Historical Levels
Photo Credit: Baku Airport

In Azerbaijan, Baku’s main airport, Heydar Aliyev International Airport (GYD) has reached a new record level of passenger traffic during 2023, handling 5.85 million passengers with 49,300 flights across 80 destinations.

This figure represents a 33% increase from 2022’s passenger traffic of 4.4 million. For 2023, the peak of passenger traffic was recorded in August, handling a total of 24,274 passengers.

Breaking down the 5.85 million passengers, 5.13 million was solely on international flights, this was split with 42.5% (2.18 million) being carried on the countries flag carrier airline, AZAL and the other 57.5% (3.67 million) was carried by other operators.

The other operators, in bulk, mostly consisted of Turkish Airlines, AnadoluJet, Utair, Aeroflot, FlyDubai, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, Peasus, Azimut, Air Arabia and Iraero. With the most popular international destinations being, Istanbul, Moscow, Tbilisi, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Across the other regional airports in Azerbaijan from Baku, Nakhchivan had 744,000 passengers, Ganja had 220,000, and Lankaran had 16,000.

Baku Airport’s Director, Teymur Hasanov, has said, “Also, the number of transit passengers at Baku airport increased by 142% compared to 2022 – more than 162 thousand passengers served.”

“Attracting new foreign airlines, expanding the route network and ongoing infrastructure work at the airport have significantly improved the accessibility of transportation for all passengers.”

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