Auckland Airport Braces For Busy Holiday Weekend

Air New Zealand aircraft at Auckland Airport.
G B_NZ, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This weekend will be among the busiest of the school holidays at Auckland Airport.

Close to 160,000 travellers expected to arrive and depart across the airport from Friday through to Sunday.

Auckland Airport Chief Customer Officer, Scott Tasker, said while the number of flights and seat capacity was lower than the same time pre-pandemic, Auckland Airport will still be busy as the first school holidays of the year kick off.

“From today, we’re expecting the holiday buzz to build. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday to be among our busiest of the two-week holiday period.”

“Although available flights are still nearly 15% down on pre-pandemic figures, our projections are those flights will be full.”

“Between the domestic and international terminal, the equivalent of the population of Tauranga will arrive and depart over these three days,” said Mr Tasker.

An Air New Zealand Boeing 777 on the taxiway.
Biponacci, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

New Transport Hub

For many international travellers it will be their first opportunity to experience the new undercover public drop-off and pick-up area within the new Transport Hub.

The new Hub was built over the site of what was the main international terminal car park. It has separate public, valet and commercial traffic lanes, plus bus stops public transport and scheduled buses.

The former drop-off and pick-up area in front of the terminal is now closed to allow for upgrades to support a new domestic terminal integrated into the international terminal.

“The Transport Hub provides a much-improved traveller experience to the old drop-off and pick-up area. It is a big change so something to be aware of if you’re driving in to farewell or collect friends and whānau on international flights.”

Construction on the Transport Hub continues on the levels above with parking floors. In addition, an office building for airport operational teams opening later this year.

Top Tips for Travellers

The Transport Hub is now open at the international terminal, with new undercover lanes for drop-off and pick-up.

Also available are taxi, rideshare and shuttle drop-off, Auckland Airport valet and bus services all undercover.

With the Transport Hub open, journey’s to and from the international terminal have changed. Get ready for your trip to the airport by checking out the new roading layout

New pedestrian walkways connect the international terminal to parking and the pick-up zone for taxis, shuttles and rideshare.

Render of Auckland Airport new Transport Hub and Terminal Facility.
Image Credit: Auckland Airport

You may prefer to catch a bus to the pick-up zone or Car Parks D and E. In that case, catch the blue shuttle bus outside the main arrivals door – Door 11

Staff will be on hand to help navigate the new Transport Hub and answer any questions

The easiest way to pick up arriving passengers is to use one of two Wait Zones. Located just a few minutes’ drive from either terminal, the Wait Zones give you 30 minutes free parking.

Park here until your traveller lets you know they’re ready and waiting for pick-up. Look for the bright pink Wait Zone signs

A line of aircraft at Auckland Airport
Photo Credit: Auckland Airport

Carry-On Baggage

While packing, double-check your luggage to ensure everything meets carry-on requirements. Aviation Security remove around 130,000 noncompliant items a year from passenger bags.

And when you’re at the airport, help speed up the security process by getting ready for screening . Get your laptop out of its case, empty keys, coins and phones from your pockets, and listen for staff instructions.

The Sunflower Hidden Disability lanyard is recognised at Auckland Airport. Check out the resources and support available to help make travel easier for those with invisible disabilities

Complete the NZ Travel Declaration online ahead of your international flight to New Zealand

Travellers play an important role in protecting New Zealand’s economic and environmental wellbeing. Make sure bags are checked to ensure they don’t contain fruit or other items. This could bring unwanted pests and diseases into the country.

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