A Busy Easter Ahead for East Midlands Airport

Passengers board a Ryanair flight at East Midlands Airport.
Photo Credit: East Midlands Airport

February witnessed a remarkable surge in travelers choosing East Midlands Airport (EMA) for their trips abroad.  Nearly 700,000 more customers opted for the convenience and efficiency of this popular travel hub compared to the previous year.

This significant increase in passenger numbers reflects a growing preference for EMA. The surge also indicates promising prospects for the upcoming Easter and summer seasons.

Overview of Latest Figures

According to the latest statistics, over 3.8 million people have traveled through EMA in the current financial year. This represents a substantial 22% rise from the previous year.

This surge in passenger traffic marks EMA’s growing popularity as a preferred departure point for low-cost holidays. The airport is attracting travelers not only from the immediate vicinity but also from regions further afield.

Patronage includes travellers from South Yorkshire, West Midlands, Lincolnshire, and Northamptonshire.

East Midlands Airport Passenger Numbers Rise With Flights
Photo Credit: East Midlands Airport.

Reasons Behind the Growth

Several factors contribute to the increasing number of travelers choosing EMA for their journeys. The airport’s strategic location makes it an attractive option for leisure travelers seeking convenience and affordability.

Additionally, the expansion of EMA’s catchment area has widened its appeal, drawing in passengers from neighboring regions and beyond.

Prospects for the Easter Break and Summer Season

The outlook for the upcoming Easter break and summer season at EMA appears exceptionally promising.

Bookings for the fortnight from Good Friday already indicate a substantial influx of passengers, with over 188,000 travelers expected to fly through the airport.

This surge in bookings suggests that the forthcoming holiday seasons could be among the busiest since the onset of the pandemic.

In a positive sign, it perhaps further signals a gradual recovery for the travel industry.

View of East Midlands Airport terminal area.
Photo Credit: East Midlands Airport

Expansion Efforts by Airlines

To accommodate the growing demand, major airlines serving EMA, such as TUI and Jet 2, are expanding their operations.

Each airline is adding an extra aircraft to its fleet based at the airport, ensuring that the aircraft stands will be at full capacity during the summer months.

Furthermore, TUI has introduced a new route to Naples for the upcoming summer season. In addition, Eastern Airways will commence flights to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. These welcome additions offer EMA passengers enhanced connectivity options.

Airport Improvement Program

EMA’s commitment to enhancing passenger experience is evident through its ongoing £120 million investment program.

As part of this initiative, various improvements have been implemented, including upgraded toilets, and a revamped Castle Rock bar.

Additionally, new seating arrangements, improved customer Wi-Fi coverage, and the introduction of new trolleys are all in place.

These enhancements serve to elevate the overall travel experience for passengers passing through the airport.

Reminder for Passengers

While construction activities are underway as part of the improvement program, passengers are advised to remain informed and prepared for any temporary inconveniences.

Although work has commenced on enhancing security facilities, existing security measures remain in place.

Passengers are reminded to adhere to security protocols, including the removal of electrical items from bags and adhering to liquid restrictions. This ensures a smooth passage through the airport.

Comments from EMA Managing Director

Steve Griffiths, the Managing Director of EMA, expressed enthusiasm regarding the surge in passenger numbers, describing it as a positive indicator for the upcoming Easter break and summer season.

He emphasized the airport’s commitment to providing a friendly and stress-free experience for travellers, citing the ongoing improvements as a testament to EMA’s dedication to enhancing passenger satisfaction.

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