Xiamen Airlines receives APEX World Class award

Xiamen Airlines Inaugurates New Service to Paris
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China’s Xiamen Airlines has been accredited with the 2024 APEX World Class award. The carrier is the only one of the Chinese airlines to receive the accolade. This is now the second year in a row that Xiamen Airlines has been awarded.

APEX President, Joe Leader, praised the airline’s exceptional service performance. Joe Leader and Keith Yates, Chairman of Yates Audit Company, flew on Xiamen Airlines several times the other day, being deeply impressed by the peerless service of the “MF” crew!

APEX President Joe Leader Comments

“From the moment I stepped on board, I knew I was in for a remarkable journey,” Leader commented, of his travel experiences aboard Xiamen flight.

“The ‘MF’ crew’s dedication to providing a seamless and enjoyable flying experience was evident in every detail,” he observed.

Leader noted that their proactive approach to meeting passenger needs, even before requests were made, was truly commendable.

“Their dedication to going above and beyond for their passengers is what sets Xiamen Airlines apart,” Leader emphasized.

“It’s not just about getting from point A to point B; it’s about the journey itself, and Xiamen Airlines understands that.”


A Service Audit Expert’s Perspective

For Keith Yates, Chairman of Yates Audit Company, assessing service quality is a daily pursuit. Yates, renowned for his expertise in service evaluations, was equally effusive in his praise for the Chinese carrier.

“As someone who scrutinizes service quality professionally, I can attest that Xiamen Airlines is in a league of its own,” Yates stated.

During his flights with the airline, Yates took note of the meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of service.

“Xiamen Airlines doesn’t merely meet industry standards; they redefine them,” Yates added. “Their commitment to excellence is evident in every interaction, making passengers feel not just valued but truly cared for.”

Chairman of Xiamen Airlines, Mr. Zhao Dong

Upon hearing of the high praise from Joe Leader and Keith Yates, Chairman of Xiamen Airlines, Mr. Zhao Dong, expressed his gratitude and humility.

“We are truly honored to receive such accolades from esteemed individuals like Joe Leader and Keith Yates,” Chairman Zhao remarked.

“Our success is a testament to the incredible and hard-working team at Xiamen Airlines, who consistently go the extra mile to ensure our passengers’ satisfaction.”

Chairman Zhao recognized that the airline’s success is not achieved in isolation but is a result of the collective efforts of the dedicated airline team.

“Every member of our ‘MF’ crew plays a vital role in creating exceptional experiences for our passengers,” Chairman Zhao acknowledged.

“Their passion and commitment to service excellence are what make Xiamen Airlines a preferred choice for travelers around the world.”

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