Xiamen Airlines boosts Amsterdam service to daily flights

A Xiamen Airlines Boeing 787 approaches to land.
BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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Xiamen Airlines will increase its Xiamen-Amsterdam flight services to daily flight as of December 26, which will dramatically provide more options on travel schedule for passengers. 

Xiamen-Amsterdam flights will operate from 10:05 to 15:30, and Amsterdam-Xiamen flights will operate from 18:30 to 12:10 next day (local time), allowing travelers to have a convenient transit at the place of arrival.

Visa-Free Travel: Opening Doors to Europe

In a recent move, China has implemented a unilateral visa-free entry policy for citizens from six countries, including France and Germany.

And the visa news doesn’t stop there – Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and other nations have also announced visa-free facilitation measures for inbound Chinese tourists.

Xiamen Airlines Inaugurates New Service to Paris

This policy shift is seen as something of a game-changer, fostering increased business travel, sightseeing, tourism, and visits.


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Meeting the Surge in Demand

In response to these changes, major airlines are scaling up their flight capacity on key international routes.

 Xiamen Airlines, aligning with the surge in interest, is gearing up to cater to the heightened demand for travel to and from the Netherlands and other European countries.

‘Tis the Season: A Festive Frenzy

As the Christmas and New Year holidays approach, coupled with overseas college vacations, the desire to experience the European New Year is on the rise.

Data from various domestic online travel booking platforms indicate a significant uptick in searches related to travel to the Netherlands and other European countries.

Xiamen Airlines Holiday Offerings

Xiamen Airlines, recognizing the growing enthusiasm for European travel, has unveiled enticing offers for its Xiamen-Amsterdam route.

Avail a limited-time price offer with economy class flights starting at an astonishingly low RMB 1,377, and business class at just RMB 5,188.

For travelers originating from other Chinese cities via Xiamen transit to Amsterdam, interline economy class tickets are available for less than RMB 1,700.

Ensuring that the journey is not only affordable but also comfortable, Xiamen Airlines goes the extra mile.

Passengers purchasing connecting flights through any channel can luxuriate in complimentary accommodation at Xiamen’s transit hotels or access free VIP transit lounges, ensuring a fresh and relaxed start to their European sojourn.

Visa Facilitation: Cross-Border Tours

With an expanding list of China’s visa-free partner countries, more nations are offering visa facilitation measures for Chinese citizens.

Options such as visa-free entry, arrival visas, and electronic visas are becoming increasingly available, facilitating Chinese travelers in embarking on immediate cross-border tours.

December heralds a surge in international flights, fortifying the recovery of outbound tourism. This surge not only benefits Chinese travelers but also makes it more convenient for international globetrotters to explore new destinations.

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Xiamen Airlines is set to increase its Xiamen-Amsterdam flight services to a daily flight offering as of December 26.
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