Wizz Air improves CDP environmental impact ranking

A Wizz Air aircraft parked at the terminal.
Photo Credit: Wizz Air

European ultra-low cost carrier Wizz Air has received the “B” score in the 2023 climate and environmental impact ranking by the global environmental disclosure non-profit organization CDP. The result shows a two-band improvement from Wizz Air’s 2022 score (“D”). 

The overall “B” score in CDP ranking indicates that Wizz Air is taking coordinated action on climate issues.

Recently, in the 2023 climate ranking conducted by the esteemed global environmental disclosure nonprofit organization CDP, Wizz Air proudly achieved a notable “B” score, marking a significant leap from its 2022 score of “D”.

This recent ratings uptick is further testament to the airline’s proactive stance in addressing climate issues head-on.

Wizz Air’s Climate Efforts

Emissions Disclosure

CDP’s recognition of Wizz Air with the highest “A/A-” scores for disclosure on Scope 1 & 2 emissions, along with verification, is a testament to the airline’s transparency and accountability.

Wizz Air is actively engaging in emission reduction initiatives and promoting low carbon products.

Pioneering Carbon Emission Reduction

Wizz Air stands out with its commendable track record of operating with the lowest carbon emission per passenger/km among its competitors.


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Looking ahead, the airline has set an ambitious target to further reduce its CO2 intensity by 25% by 2030, a testament to its continued proactive approach to mitigating environmental impact.

A Wizz Air aircraft passes overhead in a blue sky.
David Precious, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Holistic Sustainability Strategy

At the core of Wizz Air’s sustainability efforts lies a multifaceted strategy encompassing aircraft fleet renewal, operational efficiency initiatives, and investments in sustainable aviation fuel.

By embracing innovation and collaboration, Wizz Air strives to lead the charge towards a greener aviation industry.

Wizz Air recognizes that achieving sustainability goals requires collective action. Hence, the airline actively collaborates with industry partners and stakeholders to drive meaningful change throughout the entire supply chain.

Through such collaborative endeavors, Wizz Air aims to catalyze a paradigm shift towards a zero-carbon future.

Wizz Air Comments

Yvonne Moynihan, Corporate and ESG Officer at Wizz Air, aptly sums up the airline’s dedication to sustainability: “The ‘B’ score in CDP’s ranking is a testament to the significant work that Wizz Air is doing to manage its environmental impact.”

“Wizz Air already operates with the lowest carbon footprint per passenger/km in the world, and we are proud that we were also able to significantly improve our CDP ranking this year, especially considering that CDP has strengthened their criteria for scoring.”

Wizz Air, the fastest growing European ultra-low-cost airline, operates a fleet of 198 Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft.

Wizz Air is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker WIZZ. The company was recently named the World’s Top 5 Safest Low-Cost Airlines 2024 by airlineratings.com, the world’s only safety and product rating agency, and named Airline of the Year by Air Transport Awards in 2019 and in 2023.

The carrier has also been recognised as the “Most Sustainable Low-Cost Airline” within the World Finance Sustainability Awards in 2021-2023 and the “Global Environmental Sustainability Airline Group of the Year” by the CAPA-Centre for Aviation Awards for Excellence 2022-2023.

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