What Flights Are Alaska Airlines Increasing Out of Portland?

What Flights Are Alaska Airlines Increasing Out of Portland?
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Alaska Airlines has this week announced that they will be increasing flights out of Portland. So which ones are they increasing?

The airline has added an extra 20 daily departures starting in the Summer 2024 season, representing a 25% capacity increase.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

What Flights Are Alaska Airlines Increasing Out of Portland?…

What Flights Are Alaska Airlines Increasing Out of Portland?
Photo Credit: Joris Wendt/AviationSource


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Alaska Airlines will be increasing the following flights out of Portland, with this expected to take place between August and October 2024:

DestinationService FrequencyEffective Date
Las Vegas5x per dayAug. 20
Ontario, CA3x per dayAug. 20
Reno3x per dayAug. 20
Sacramento4x per dayAug. 20
Dallas-Fort Worth2x per dayOct. 1
Denver2x per dayOct. 1
Fresno, CA2x per dayOct. 1
Medford, OR2x per dayOct. 1
Phoenix4x per dayOct. 1

Commenting on these frequency increases for flights from Portland was Kirsten Amrine, vice president of revenue management and network planning for Alaska Airlines:

“We’ve been the largest carrier in Portland for more than 20 years. We don’t take that for granted.”

“It’s important for us to provide our guests with a variety of convenient flight options at PDX along with the addition of new routes. We know travelers have a choice and we want them to fly with us”.

Adding to this was Dan Pippenger, chief aviation officer at the Port of Portland:

“We’re thrilled about the added flights out of PDX. As our largest carrier, more Alaska flights means even more options for travelers, whether they’re flying cross-country or within the state.”

“And the increase in service means more visitors for our concession and ground travel partners – the local businesses that are the heart of our region and bring so much excitement to our airport”.

All eyes will be on how these service increases in flights out of Portland will be received by Alaska Airlines customers.

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