WestJet CEO Outlines Long-Term Growth Plan For Alberta

A WestJet 737 approaches to land.
Aero Icarus from Zürich, Switzerland, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

WestJet’s commitment to Edmonton’s future took center stage at a recent gathering of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce on April 24th.

WestJet Group CEO, Alexis von Hoensbroech, addressed a packed audience, outlining the airline’s ambitious growth plans and unwavering dedication to the city.

“Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, is a cornerstone in WestJet’s story,” von Hoensbroech declared.

“We are deeply committed to not only maintaining our position as Edmonton’s leading air carrier, but also fostering the city’s economic growth.”

“We achieve this by consistently expanding our network and acting as a catalyst for tourism and investment attraction.”

Currently supporting 50% of all air travel from Edmonton, WestJet's CEO has laid out the carrier's long-term growth plan for Alberta.
Photo Credit: WestJet

Building Stronger Transborder Bridges

WestJet is actively collaborating with key partners to solidify Edmonton’s connection to business and leisure destinations across the border.

This collaborative spirit has yielded a robust transborder network, offering exciting new options for travelers and businesses alike.

Three brand new U.S. destinations – Atlanta, San Francisco, and Nashville (launched in 2023) – join service to nine additional U.S. cities.

These strategic connections cater not only to leisure travel but also to the needs of business travelers, conventions, and major sporting events. It will foster regional economic activity by facilitating the flow of people and goods.

Aerial view of Edmonton International Airport
Thankyoubaby, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

WestJet as Edmonton’s Main Carrier

Edmonton holds the distinction of being WestJet’s second-most connected city, following Calgary. The airline’s demonstrably strong commitment to further expansion in Edmonton is evident in several key achievements.

This summer, WestJet boasts a significant 13% capacity growth compared to 2022, reflecting a commitment to increased service and catering to growing demand.

As the number one carrier at Edmonton International Airport, WestJet proudly provides 50% of all air travel departing from the hub.

This leadership translates into a wider range of travel options for Edmontonians. In 2024, WestJet offers direct connections to an impressive 40 unique destinations. Its network encompasses 20 domestic routes, 12 transborder options, and eight sun destinations catering to leisure travel.

Since opening a base in Edmonton, employment has more than doubled compared to 2019. This significant increase has a direct and indirect impact on the local economy through job creation and associated spending.

A WestJet aircraft on climb after takeoff.
Photo Credit: Lewis Chesworth/ AviationSource

Connecting Edmonton Coast-to-Coast

WestJet is laser-focused on enhancing Edmonton’s domestic network, offering travelers greater flexibility and connectivity.

This focus on domestic travel directly addresses the needs of the business community. WestJet recently announced year-round, non-stop service between Edmonton and Ottawa and Montreal.  This move supported efficient and convenient travel for business trips.

Looking to explore the beauty of Canada’s east coast? Four exciting new direct routes to Atlantic Canada this summer establish unprecedented coast-to-coast connectivity for Edmontonians.

By prioritizing Edmonton’s growth as a major transportation hub, WestJet is not only making travel easier for residents but also contributing significantly to the city’s economic well-being.

This strategic investment strengthens Edmonton’s position as a connected and vibrant city on the global stage, attracting new businesses, tourists, and investment.

WestJet’s commitment to Edmonton’s future ensures a smoother journey for travelers and a brighter economic outlook for the city.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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