WestJet Cargo Boosts Presence With Havana Route

WestJet Cargo Boosts Presence With Havana Route
Photo Credit: WestJet Cargo.

WestJet Cargo this week inaugurated new services into Havana, Cuba, as the cargo wing of the Canadian carrier continues to boost its international presence.

Services inaugurated on September 23 between Toronto and Havana, with the airline offering significant capacity on a weekly basis.

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WestJet Cargo Boosts Presence With Havana Route…

WestJet Cargo Boosts Presence With Havana Route
gloom from Waterloo, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


This service between Havana and Toronto with the airline operates on a once-weekly basis, providing over 20 tonnes of cargo capacity to the region every week.

In their statement, this is what the airline had to say on this:

“WestJet Cargo is fully equipped to handle various cargo types, including General Cargo, Perishables, and select Dangerous Goods, ensuring secure and efficient cargo transportation to Havana.”

“This milestone underscores WestJet Cargo’s dedication to expanding its network and delivering top-tier cargo services to Havana, Cuba.”

The airline’s approval to utilise Boeing 737-800 Freighters back in March this year has enabled the carrier to boost their cargo offering even further.

At the time, Kirsten de Bruijn, WestJet Executive Vice-President, Cargo remarked:

“Today is a long-awaited milestone for WestJet Cargo and the GTA Group, that will now enable us to disrupt the air cargo industry in Canada by providing our customers with more choice, competitive prices.”

“We thank Transport Canada for its dedication to certifying these aircraft, which will serve to better support Canada’s national transportation supply chain through increased competition and capacity within Canada’s air cargo market.”

Overall, all eyes are on the carrier to see how much further they can take such operations, and whether there is scope to acquire more aircraft in the future.

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