Vista 20 Years – 2023 Strong Performance

A Vista Global Holdings Vistajet aircraft on the tarmac at dawn.
Photo Credit: Vista Global

This week, private jet operator Vista, has showcased a strong year of growth during 2023 following an extensive fleet refurbishment.

This article will cover the details of Vista’s 2023 performance and what this means for the global well-known private operator.

Vista’s Strong 2023

Photo Credit: Vista

During 2023, Vista managed to secure a 20% growth in their subscription hours, whilst simultaneously growing their member base. The private jet operator also handled a 17% growth in on-fleet hours across the globe to 200,000, as well as live flight hours growing by 30%.

Despite the U.S. being a very large market for Vista, more than 50% of their flight hours during 2023 were from other countries, signifying its global presence as well as the already well-utilised use of their new Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft.

Throughout 2023, Vista carried out a full refurbishment of 93 aircraft, 50% more than they had originally intended to do. This has now brought their total fleet count to 230. Alongside this extensive refurbishment program the group operated around 87,000 flights, an 18% increase when compared to 2022s figures.

Commenting on their strong year, Founder and Chairman of Vista, Thomas Flohr, says, “2023 was another year of successful performance in our business. Despite having to react to deep economic shifts and complex geopolitical uncertainty, we produced double digit growth across all markets — achieved whilst refurbishing and upgrading our fleet ahead of schedule, further improving our service standards and significantly increasing aircraft availability.”

“Today, Vista is a truly global and recognizable brand all around the world thanks to the 20 years in which we have delivered an unmatched service to our clients, and we are well placed to further increase our market share over the next two decades.”

“The trust of our Program Members is driving our steady growth trajectory, with ever more remaining loyal to Vista than ever before. This provides us with consistent, visible, revenue streams and a strong client base.”

“Our long tenure in this industry means we can anticipate and understand what global business leaders want when it comes to global travel. Beyond the impressive commitment from our Members, I am equally proud of our team of 4,400 experts around the world who are fully committed in delivering the best service to our clients .”

Adding to Flohr’s comments, Charlotte Colhoun, Group Chief Financial Officer at Vista, says, “Strong growth across all regions demonstrates the global diversity of our business which in turn supports resiliency to external market dynamics. Despite a contraction in the global aviation market in 2023, Vista increased its hours flown by 17%, far outpacing the wider sector trend.”

“Through 2023 our focus has been on optimizing across all aspects of the business to drive efficiencies and reinvesting cash generated to uplift our fleet globally. With a CAPEX phase behind us and no near-term debt maturities, we go into 2024 in a position of strength and will focus on maximizing revenues from our existing assets and infrastructure.”

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By Jamie Clarke 4 Min Read
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