Virgin Australia launches first Australian baggage tracking tool

Virgin Australia ground handler with baggage tracker.
Photo Credit: Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia will launch Australia’s first-ever airline baggage tracking tool across more than two thirds of its domestic network tomorrow.

Following a successful pilot of the program in May 2023, guests travelling on almost 70 per cent of the airline’s domestic flights will be able to track the status of their checked baggage via the Virgin Australia app.

Revolutionizing Travel with Digital Tracking

Folllowing successful trials of the new system earlier this year, Virgin Australia is not set to launch its baggage tracking tool across its extensive domestic network.

The introduction of this cutting-edge technology marks a significant milestone in the airline’s ongoing transformation efforts, and addresses a major problem which has dogged airlines in the post-pandemic era – lost baggage.

The long-awaited baggage tracking tool, meticulously developed over a span of two years, represents a major step in travel technology.

Acknowledging the persistent issue of lost baggage faced by travelers worldwide, Virgin Australia’s initiative aims to alleviate this concern by empowering passengers with real-time information about their luggage throughout the entire journey.


Leading the Industry

Notably, Virgin Australia has consistently outperformed industry standards in terms of mishandled baggage, boasting an impressive mishandled baggage rate of only 1.5 per 1,000 guests.

This achievement is five times better than the latest recorded industry average, underscoring the airline’s unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional travel experience.

With the imminent launch of the baggage tracking tool, travelers can bid farewell to the anxiety associated with lost or misplaced luggage.

The innovative technology is poised to revolutionize the way passengers engage with the airline during transit, hopefully fostering a heightened sense of trust and confidence.

Streamlined Implementation

Initially introduced through a successful pilot program in May 2023, the baggage tracking tool will soon be available on a wide range of domestic routes connecting major airports.

Travelers flying on routes such as Sydney-Melbourne, Brisbane-Sydney, Melbourne-Gold Coast, Melbourne-Hobart, Adelaide-Melbourne, and Sydney-Sunshine Coast will be among the first to benefit from this new feature.

Additionally, the tracking tool is expected to be seamlessly integrated into the remaining domestic network, including select services departing from Perth.

Photo Credits: Virgin Australia

Three Simple Steps

Utilizing the new tracking tool is remarkably straightforward, enabling passengers to effortlessly stay informed about the status of their checked baggage. Here’s how it works:

Download the Virgin Australia App: Passengers can start by downloading the user-friendly Virgin Australia app from their preferred app store.

Enable Push Notifications: By adjusting their app settings, travelers can activate push notifications, ensuring they receive timely updates.

Updates Throughout the Journey: Once enabled, the app will send a series of push notifications to the passenger’s device, providing updates at key stages of the baggage journey.

These updates include when the bag is checked-in, transferred to an international partner airline, and ready for collection at the final destination. The app will also provide information about the designated carousel for baggage collection.

Virgin Australia Investment

Virgin Australia’s investment of over $400 million in customer experience enhancements and new technologies over the past two years underscores its dedication to elevating the travel journey.

The airline’s initiatives include the launch of new websites, app upgrades, an innovative loyalty management system, high-speed lounge and onboard Wi-Fi, and pioneering technologies.

Paul Jones, Virgin Australia Group Chief Customer and Digital Officer, expressed the airline’s commitment to prioritizing passenger needs and preferences.

He affirmed, “Our mission is to be Australia’s most beloved airline, and achieving this goal entails attentively listening to our customers to offer the services that matter most to them.”

Jones continued, “We recognize that the apprehension related to lost baggage is a global concern, and we believe that today’s announcement will provide numerous travelers with an added layer of assurance, knowing the precise location of their belongings at each stage of the journey.”

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