Virgin Australia expands regional presence with Link Airways codeshare

A Link Airways Saab 340 on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Virgin Australia

Regional Australians are set to benefit under a new codeshare partnership with Link Airways that will increase Virgin Australia’s footprint in regional Australia from today by approximately 45 per cent.

This new collaboration is poised to catapult Virgin Australia’s presence in regional Australia by 45 percent.

Boosting Regional Connectivity

Under this transformative partnership, Link Airways will introduce seventeen new regional codeshare services, equivalent to an impressive 90 flights per week.

Commencing today, these flights will seamlessly integrate into Virgin Australia’s domestic network, bringing unparalleled convenience to passengers.

Link Airways Saab 340. Photo Credit: Virgin Australia


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This expanded connectivity will not only enhance accessibility but also boost the travel experience for many regional Australians.

The new codeshare services operated by Link Airways will go on sale today, allowing eager travelers to secure their seats through Virgin Australia’s travel agency partners.

As of March 2024, booking directly on the Virgin Australia website will be a reality, simplifying the process and putting the power of choice directly into the hands of passengers.

Velocity Frequent Flyer Benefits

The ripple effects of this partnership extend to Velocity Frequent Flyer’s nearly 12 million members, promising a paradigm shift in loyalty benefits.

Members can now accrue both Points and Status Credits on the carrier’s codeshare services operated by Link Airways. For Velocity Platinum, Gold, and Silver members, the perks amplify with bonus Points and an additional baggage allowance.

Eligible Velocity members can also savor the luxury of Virgin Australia lounges while traveling on these codeshare services.

Travel Flexibility

Many regional Australians will now experience significant ease in their travel plans. With the ability to travel seamlessly to 42 Australian destinations on a single booking, Virgin Australia sets a new standard.

Through check-in and baggage transfer become a reality, eliminating the hassles of multiple bookings. This groundbreaking approach includes destinations like Inverell, Wollongong, and Biloela, which, until now, were not serviced by any other major airline.

Virgin Australia’s Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Alistair Hartley, emphasizes the commitment to value, flexibility, and choice for Australians.

He envisions a boost to regional trade and tourism in destinations not served by major airlines, highlighting the 365 daily flights across Australia and 42 domestic destinations.

Andrew Major, Link Airways’ CEO, expresses pleasure on behalf of the regional operator in joining forces with Virgin Australia.

He foresees enhanced travel opportunities for passengers nationwide, especially those in regional areas, through improved connectivity and a broader range of choices.

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