Virgin Atlantic releases premium ‘Lifestyle Collection’

A Virgin Atlantic travel sweater.
Photo Credit: Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic has launched its first-ever lifestyle collection, featuring a range of fashionable clothing and vegan leather travel essentials.

In collaboration with renowned sustainable British designers Fenella Smith and Oliver Co, Virgin Atlantic has introduced a line of travel essentials which they say redefine the intersection of luxury, sustainability, and style.

Items on sale include a modern take on Princess Diana’s coveted ‘Fly Virgin Atlantic’ sweatshirt.

The Genesis of the Collection

Virgin Atlantic’s foray into lifestyle products was spurred by the discerning requests of its esteemed clientele. The inaugural lifestyle collection is described as a “fusion of fashion and functionality tailored to enhance every aspect of the passenger experience.”

The need for travel essentials, ranging from passport covers to chic totes, led the airline to partner with British design maestros Fenella Smith and Oliver Co.

The result is a collection that mirrors the desires of Virgin Atlantic’s affluent customer base.


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Premium Picks: Icons and Elegance

At the heart of this collection lies the iconic ‘Queen of the Skies’ jumper (£70), paying homage to the legendary ‘Fly Virgin Atlantic’ sweatshirt once donned by Princess Diana.

Crafted in soft cotton and available in classic navy and cream, this jumper embodies the airline’s signature style, ideal for any occasion on or off the runway.

Another standout is the LGBTQ+ inspired jumper featuring Oscar, the emblematic figure from Virgin Atlantic’s ‘Rain Bow’ plane.

This piece, along with others like the contemporary canvas travel tote (£90) and flight bag (£95), showcases the airline’s commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community and providing premium options for all passengers.

Sustainability Takes Flight

Teaming up with Oliver Co, the lifestyle collection introduces eco-friendly alternatives such as tea-based plant leather for passport holders, luggage tags, landing gear pouches, and card holders.

This material not only aligns with the British essence of the collection but also champions sustainability, requiring less energy in production compared to other plant-based leathers.

The Full Collection: Where Style Meets Purpose

The comprehensive lifestyle collection doesn’t stop at jumpers and totes; it covers every travel necessity.

From High Flyer passport holders to Hello luggage tags, each item seamlessly weaves Virgin Atlantic’s distinctive red throughout.

Pronoun badges, a recent addition to the airline’s uniform policy, are also available for purchase, reflecting the company’s commitment to inclusivity.

Photo Credits: Virgin Atlantic

CEO Perspective

Virgin Atlantic’s CEO, Shai Weiss, expressed the airline’s dedication to enhancing customer experiences. “On our mission to be the most loved travel company, we’re committed to elevating our customer experience at every opportunity,” said Weiss.

“Our passion for design is one of the things our customers love most, and this brand new travel range will enhance their journey, both on and off the runway.”

The collaboration with British designers and the focus on responsibly crafted pieces underscore Virgin Atlantic’s commitment to providing a premium and sustainable journey for every passenger.

Designers’ Insight

Fenella Smith, British designer and founder, and the creative force behind the collection, emphasized the celebration of colorful self-expression through stylish accessories that capture Virgin Atlantic’s elegance.

“My pieces for the collection place Virgin Atlantic’s vibrant red at the forefront, creating stylish accessories that are perfect no matter what the occasion. Each has been crafted to not only capture the airline’s elegance but to also serve as a canvas for self-expression,” said Fenella Smith.

Matthew Oliver, Founder and Creative Director of Oliver Co echoed this sentiment, saying: “Our pieces for Virgin Atlantic’s first-ever lifestyle collection are a celebration of the airline’s iconic colours through design-led travel essentials made from the latest in material innovation.”

Oliver commented on the shared dedication and minimizing environmental impact without compromising aesthetics or functionality.

The inaugural Virgin Atlantic lifestyle and travel range can be accessed here.

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