Vietnam Airlines Conducts First Flight on Blended SAF

A Vietnam Airlines A321 lines up on the runway
Photo Credit: Vietnam Airlines

In an achievement for Vietnamese aviation, Vietnam Airlines successfully completed its first commercial passenger flight on blended SAF.

The flight, using a Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) blend was conducted on 27 May 2024.

An Airbus A321 belonging to Vietnam Airlines was refueled with a blend of SAF at Singapore’s Changi Airport before its return trip to Hanoi.

First Vietnamese SAF Operation

This accomplishment makes Vietnam Airlines the first carrier in Vietnam to utilize SAF for commercial flights.

It also positions them as the first visiting airline from the Asia-Pacific region to leverage Neste’s SAF supply capabilities at Changi Airport.

Neste, a world leader in sustainable fuel production, manufactured the SAF at its Singapore refinery. The fuel was then blended with conventional jet fuel and delivered to Vietnam Airlines. This was carried out via Neste’s integrated supply chain at Changi Airport.

Vietnam Airlines & Sustainability

“Vietnam Airlines strongly believes that utilizing SAF is instrumental in creating a more sustainable aviation industry,” said Nguyen Chien Thang, Executive Vice President of Vietnam Airlines.

“This approach offers passengers exceptional service while minimizing environmental impact. We are actively collaborating with our supply chain partners to expand the use of SAF in the coming years.”

“This will contribute significantly to achieving net-zero emission goals and combating climate change.”

A Vietnam Airlines jet in flight.

Neste echoed Vietnam Airlines’ sentiment. “We are thrilled that Vietnam Airlines selected Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel for their inaugural SAF flight,” said Carrie Song, Senior Vice President Commercial from Neste’s Renewable Products business line.

“The aviation industry is striving towards ambitious climate targets, and SAF is a critical tool for achieving them.”

“As the world’s leading producer of SAF, Neste is fully committed to supporting airlines like Vietnam Airlines on their decarbonization journey. We look forward to a continued and expanding partnership.”

The airline’s flight using Neste’s SAF further supports Neste’s dedication to empowering airlines to reduce their emissions. It further raises awareness about SAF’s potential to minimize the environmental impact of air travel.

What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel?

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is a biofuel derived from renewable sources. It offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fossil-based jet fuel.

Compared to conventional jet fuel, Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel boasts a lifecycle greenhouse gas emission reduction of up to 80%.

Notably, Neste’s SAF is crafted from 100% renewable and sustainable sources, such as used cooking oil and animal fat waste.

Importantly, SAF blends seamlessly with conventional jet fuel, allowing for seamless use in existing aircraft engines and fueling infrastructure.

About Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines, Vietnam’s national carrier, boasts a proud history dating back to 1956. As the country’s flag carrier, it plays a vital role in connecting Vietnam to the world and vice versa.

The airline offers a modern fleet, serving both domestic and international destinations across Asia, Oceania, and Europe. Their network covers over 117 routes across 19 countries. This regional coverage makes them a convenient choice for travelers exploring the region and beyond.

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