Vietnam Airlines 787 Cracked Windshield in Tokyo

Vietnam Airlines 787 Cracked Windshield in Tokyo
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A Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787 from Ho Chi Minh City suffered a cracked windscreen around an hour or so from landing into Tokyo Narita.

Incident: Vietnam Airlines 787 Cracked Windshield in Tokyo…

Vietnam Airlines 787 Cracked Windshield in Tokyo
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Vietnam Airlines flight VN302 is a routine scheduled flight between Ho Chi Minh City and Tokyo Narita, with the affected rotation being operated by VN-A867.

As per data from, VN-A867 is a 7.7 year old Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner that was delivered to the carrier back in April 2016.

Of the 787-9 variant, the carrier has 11 of them in the fleet, of which all of them are in active service and host an average fleet age of 7.8 years.

Vietnam Airlines flight VN302 departed Ho Chi Minh City at 0620 local time on December 26, and proceeded north-easterly to Tokyo Narita.

As per The Aviation Herald, around 90 minutes before descent, the crew onboard observed a crack on the left hand windshield, which caused an earlier descent down to 31,000 feet as a precaution.

From there, the aircraft landed safely into Tokyo Narita without further incident, but the aircraft was grounded as a result of this.

On December 28, the aircraft was then positioned back to Ho Chi Minh City, presuming that all repairs had been made at that time.

VN-A867 has then also positioned to Hanoi before continuing on to Frankfurt, with the aircraft operating normally.

In total, it looks like the aircraft was grounded for around two days before being allowed to fly again.

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