Vietjet launches historic first flight from Vietnam to Brisbane

VietJet Air Airbus approaching to land., CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Vietjet has launched its first-ever non-stop flight from Vietnam to Brisbane, Queensland. The latest destination flown by Vietjet; Brisbane will be now connected to Vietnam and will strengthen the city’s trade, tourism, education, and social domains. 

Good Traction

Vietjet’s flight took off as VJ83 with full passengers from Ho Chi Ming with 377 on board, with a strong appetite for traveling to the state of Queensland! The new service will offer 39,000 seats to the Queensland city of Brisbane each year.

This will mean that additional tourists will aid up to 370 jobs in Queensland and will dramatically increase the Overnight Visitor expenditure by nearly $30 million per annum right across the state.

This latest connection comes after more than 5 decades since the government of Australia inked diplomatic relations with Vietnam. 

Positive Comments

Gert-Jan de Graaff, Brisbane Airport Corporation Chief Executive Officer commented on the presence of Vietjet as an exciting new addition to the Brisbane airport family. 

“Vietnam has been one of the world’s best success stories over the past two decades and now has a generation of people eager to explore the world. With direct flights to Brisbane Airport, their ticket to tour Queensland is just a single 8-hour flight away.”

Not only that Brisbane would be more connected, but this is also another economic trump! Queensland’s Attracting Aviation Investment Fund jointly funded by the Queensland Government investment of $200 million, is a huge victory. This fund is used to fast-track the state’s economic recovery. 


Tourism Minister Stirling Hinchliffe is also upbeat about the new service:  “Tonight’s arrival of Vietjet’s history-making maiden flight demonstrates the importance and growing closeness of Queensland’s post-pandemic trade partnership with Vietnam.”

“It’s terrific to welcome Vietjet to Brisbane as the first-ever Vietnamese airline to establish a direct air connection with Queensland. Ho Chi Minh City is a significant aviation hub and with Vietnam’s economy booming, demand is surging for the iconic world-class holiday experiences Queensland is famous for.”

“Our great holiday lifestyle, reunions with Queensland-based family, and direct flights from Ho Chi Minh City are primed to make Brisbane a sought-after destination for Vietnamese travelers.”

“We’re backing Vietjet with our $200 million aviation war chest for the airline’s potential to generate almost $30 million a year for the rebuild of Queensland’s international visitor economy and support for 370 good Queensland jobs.”

“Non-stop flights are also predicted to fast-track the growth of Queensland’s Vietnamese international student cohort, which has increased by 24 percent this year.”

Trading Opportunities 

The new link will also be a boon for Queensland exporters, as the new flight service will allow many operators to export tonnes of freight capability between Brisbane and the South East Asian country.

Importantly, Queensland sends $20 million worth of goods and produce to Vietnam per annum. With this new service, the number is expected to grow exponentially. 

Vietjet Chief Operating Officer Michael Hickey commented on the airline’s arrival to Brisbane:  “Vietjet’s direct flights between the beautiful city of Brisbane and Ho Chi Minh City will ease the travel between the two localities, countries and across the region.”

In fact, the new link between Brisbane and Vietnam has caught the attention of Australia’s top leader,  Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. He also went on to praise the new launching of the service during a trip to Hanoi earlier this month.

He stated: “That will help the people-to-people relations as well between us because this is a relationship built through infrastructure and economic activity. But what it comes down to is a relationship between our people that we need to grow in the future.” 

About Vietjet 

The low-cost Vietnamese carrier flies approximately 450 flights per day across 160 routes, with 52 destinations within Vietnam.

Passengers traveling from Queensland can fly to destinations within Asia, including India, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, mainland China, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

The airline operates a fleet of 100 aircraft and is using state-of-the-art A330-300 aircraft. Vietjet could be easily said to be a viable competitor to Malaysia’s Air Asia X, as it gains its popularity and increasing its footprint in Australia. 

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