US-Bangla Airlines and ATR sign Global Maintenance Agreement

A Bangladesh US-Bangla Airlines ATR turboprop in flight.
Photo Credit: ATR

In a move to enhance operational efficiency and ensure utmost reliability, US-Bangla Airlines, the largest private carrier in Bangladesh, and leading regional aircraft manufacturer ATR have recently inked a Global Maintenance Agreement (GMA).

This strategic partnership aims to optimize maintenance costs and boost the performance of US-Bangla’s fleet of eight ATR 72-600 aircraft.

The agreement, which spans over five years, encompasses a pay-by-the-hour contract covering repair, overhaul, pooling services of Line Replaceable Units, as well as the availability and maintenance of propellers and leading edges.

US-Bangla ninth anniversary

For US-Bangla Airlines, reliability, on-time performance, customer experience, and safety are the cornerstones of their operation.

With the airline celebrating its 9th Anniversary, this collaboration with ATR represents a pivotal step towards further enhancing their commitment to excellence.

Mohammed Abdullah Al Mamun, Managing Director of US-Bangla Airlines, expressed his confidence in this partnership and its potential to optimize their ATR fleet’s reliability while simultaneously reducing operating costs.


The ultimate goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship that sets a new benchmark in aviation.

Advancing commercial collaboration

Both US-Bangla Airlines and ATR have dedicated extensive effort to develop an innovative commercial model that promises to endure the test of time.

By pooling their expertise and resources, they seek to bring about greater efficiencies in component maintenance and reliability improvement processes.

This collaboration allows US-Bangla to concentrate on their core business: providing the best travel experience to the Bangladeshi communities in a responsible and sustainable manner.

ATR’s proven track record

The ATR Global Maintenance Agreement has a sound history of over 25 years, significantly bolstering the operations of regional airlines worldwide while also driving down maintenance costs.

The key to its success lies in providing improved parts availability, expert advice on maintenance practices, efficient troubleshooting, and insightful engineering analysis.

A win-win partnership

Stefano Marazzani, ATR’s Senior Vice-President Customer Support and Services, highlighted the company’s commitment to finding innovative and cost-effective solutions to support their customers.

The ATR GMA stands as a testament to this commitment, as it fosters a close partnership with US-Bangla Airlines, supporting their day-to-day operations.

About US-Bangla Airlines 

US-Bangla Airlines is the leading premium airline of Bangladesh, with impeccable standards of service equipped with incomparable reliability and ultimate flying comfort, and reaching a milestone for the best on-time performance.

The US-BANGLA Airlines (BS) Ltd. is a project of US-BANGLA Group, a leading business conglomerate of Bangladesh. 

US-Bangla Airlines carries over 2.5 million passengers annually across its network and uses its regional fleet to connect all of Bangladesh and feed their international network from Dhaka.

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