UPS To Receive Two Boeing 747-8Fs from Qatar Airways Cargo

UPS To Receive Two Boeing 747-8Fs from Qatar Airways Cargo
Photo Credit: Tom Postlethwaite/AviationSource

This week, it has been revealed that UPS will receive two Boeing 747-8F Freighters from Qatar Airways Cargo.

Such a move will represent additional capacity opportunity for the American freight operator, with all eyes on how they will utilize this.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

UPS To Receive Two Boeing 747-8Fs from Qatar Airways Cargo…

UPS To Receive Two Boeing 747-8Fs from Qatar Airways Cargo
Photo Credit: Emil bree/AviationSource


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As per Air Cargo News, UPS Chief Financial Officer Brian Newman confirmed the acquisition of two Boeing 747-8F Freighter aircraft from Qatar Airways Cargo.

It is understood the motive behind this was due to the American freight operator wanting to retire some of their older McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Freighters.

A7-BGA and A7-BGB are the two aircraft in question that are part of this transaction, with BGA already re-registered as N634UP.

BGB is currently operating for Qatar Airways Cargo still, so it is expected that the aircraft will be pulled out of commercial service soon for the transfer over to UPS in due course.

Once deliveries are both completed and the aircraft are in service for the American freight operator, it means they will have a fleet of 30 Boeing 747-8F Freighters, as per data from

Looking ahead, all eyes will be on how this will benefit the American freight operator, as well as what the strategy will look like for QR Cargo moving forward.

It is expected that deliveries of other freighter aircraft such as the Boeing 777 Freighter will be an influence in this, as well as the potential for 777XF and A350F in due course.

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