United Airlines: The Front-of-Shirt Sponsor to Wrexham AFC

United Airlines: The Front-of-Shirt Sponsor to Wrexham AFC
Photo Credit: Jacob Jones/AviationSource

Wrexham AFC, a football team known for their co-owners Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney bringing the club to huge successes, has secured United Airlines as a front-of-shirt sponsor.

Video Credit: Wrexham AFC on Twitter.


Via the duo’s comedic nature, they announced this new sponsorship this week, after confusion about the club’s name changing to Wrexham United.

United Airlines: Excited To Partner with Wrexham AFC…

United Airlines: The Front-of-Shirt Sponsor to Wrexham AFC
Photo Credit: Wrexham AFC

Commenting on this new sponsorship was United Airlines’ Chief Communications Officer, Josh Earnest:

“The story of Wrexham AFC and their fans represents the best of what professional sports has to offer.”

“The passion and perseverance of this team on the rise has captured the imagination of people in the U.S. and around the world.”

“When the Wrexham AFC players deliver even more heart-pumping moments this season, we couldn’t be prouder that United Airlines will be written across their chests.”

“We’re also excited to partner with the team and their co-chairmen across social media and on their hit TV show as the incredible story of this team and its loyal fans continues to unfold.”

Also commenting was the Executive Director of Wrexham AFC, Humphrey Ker:

“We are delighted that United Airlines will be the Club’s new shirt sponsor. Their desire to provide a first-class service to customers sees them the airline of choice for many US-based Wrexham fans.”

“The Club will be in safe hands when traveling across the Atlantic for our pre-season tour and we look forward to flying with them.”

This represents a big step for the Wrexham football club and will be a key sponsor to have ahead of the pre-season friendlies that are due to take place.

Also for the club is the sponsorship money that comes with this, especially with their upcoming promotion into the EFL.

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