United Airlines introduces onboard wireless charging

A wireless charging device in United Airlines aircraft.
Photo Credit: United Airlines

United Airlines has introduced a new domestic first-class seat that includes a wireless charging station in every arm rest.

The new domestic first-class seat combines luxury, convenience, and advanced technology. The cutting-edge seat offers a range of features, including wireless charging stations, vegan leather upholstery, seatback screens, and ergonomically designed cushions.

The all-new United First® Seat

United Airlines is rolling out its new United First seat, designed specifically for the modern traveler.

This state-of-the-art seat is set to debut on its first 737 aircraft this month, with plans to extend its availability to 200 domestic planes, including 737 NGs, A321neos, and 737 MAXs, by 2026.

Photo Credit: United Airlines

Redefining travel comfort

The United First seat offers an array of features that enhance the travel experience and cater to the needs of passengers. Here are some notable highlights:

1. Charge Multiple Devices at Once

Keeping up with the growing reliance on electronic devices, United Airlines has incorporated three types of charging docks in each seat.


Passengers can conveniently charge their devices wirelessly, through an AC household-style outlet, or via USB-C. The wireless charging dock, situated in the armrest compartment, provides line-of-sight access to notifications while keeping hands and tray tables free.

2. Larger, User-Friendly Seatback Entertainment

Acknowledging the preference for a two-screen experience among passengers, United Airlines has upgraded its seatback entertainment.

The 13-inch, high-definition screens are Bluetooth capable and come with a remote for those who prefer not to use the touch screen. This enhancement allows travelers to enjoy a personalized entertainment experience using their personal devices in conjunction with the seatback screen.

3. More Space for Work and Relaxation

The United First seat offers ample space for passengers to work or unwind during their journey. Designed with the traveler’s comfort in mind, the seat provides designated areas for devices, food, drinks, and other personal belongings.

The 18 x 8.5-inch tray table features a built-in tablet holder and sufficient space for standard laptops. The addition of authentic Italian quartzite cocktail tables and bottle holders between each seat eliminates the need to juggle gadgets, beverages, and snacks on a single tray table.

4. More Private, Adjustable Seat

Privacy and customization are essential factors for a premium travel experience. The United First seat addresses these requirements with several features.

Upholstered in luxurious vegan leather, the seat offers a heightened level of privacy with an 11 x 19-inch divider between neighboring seats. The winged headrests and tray tables, which deploy from the outer armrests, minimize passenger contact.

The seat boasts a 5-inch recline range, an adjustable aisle armrest that lowers completely, and an ergonomist-designed cushion that sits 1 inch lower to accommodate passengers of varying heights.

The upgrade program

Alongside the introduction of the new seats, the airline plans to update existing domestic first-class seats on over 200 planes by 2025.

These updates will include new seat cushions, vegan leather upholstery, and winged headrests, ensuring a consistent and elevated level of comfort for passengers.

The development of the new United First seat involved a team of experts, including United’s engineering and inflight teams, esteemed biomechanics researcher Dr. Matthew Reed from the University of Michigan, and renowned design firm Priestman Goode.

This collaboration showcases some cutting-edge research and design principles to create the ultimate travel experience.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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