United Airlines First: New Large Overhead Bins for E175 Fleet

A passenger opens the new large overhead storage bin on a United E175.
Photo Credit: United Airlines

United Airlines is making a significant upgrade to its regional fleet by installing new, roomier overhead bins on its SkyWest-operated Embraer 175 aircraft.

This comes as great news for flyers who prefer to avoid checked bag fees! It also makes United the first airline to add the new larger overhead bins.

More Space, Smoother Boarding

These larger bins will be a welcome addition for passengers on the popular 76-seat E175 jets. United anticipates having 50 aircraft outfitted by the end of 2024. Beyond that, it has the potential to expand to over 150 by 2026.

This move is expected to be a game-changer, allowing for an estimated one million fewer gate-checked bags annually across 150,000 E175 flights.

Positive Feedback on Upgrade

“Feedback on the new overhead bins has been fantastic,” shared Linda Jojo, United’s Chief Customer Officer.

“By reducing the need for gate-checking, we’re seeing a smoother boarding process and happier customers.”

“This is just one of the many ways we’re working to provide an industry-leading experience for all travelers, on both regional and international flights.”

The new bins align with United’s commitment to a seamless travel experience. Passengers connecting between regional and mainline flights will now enjoy consistent overhead bin capacity.

Additionally, every E175 with the upgraded bins will feature braille and tactile placards for improved accessibility, reflecting the airline’s broader accessibility initiatives launched in 2023.

Image of Braille markings for an individual row on a United Airlines aircraft.
Photo Credit: United Airlines

Embraer E175 Regional Jet

The Embraer E175 is a short- to medium-range jet airliner designed for regional routes. It’s part of the E-Jet family produced by the Brazilian aerospace company Embraer.

Known for its efficiency, it’s a popular choice for airlines operating shorter regional flights. Here are some key features of the E175:

  • Seating: Typically configured for around 76 to 88 passengers, depending on the airline’s layout.
  • Size: With a length of around 32 meters (105 ft), it can comfortably accommodate passengers on regional hops.
  • Overhead bins: Newer models may feature larger overhead bins to fit more carry-on luggage, improving passenger convenience.
  • Engines: Powered by two General Electric CF34 turbofan engines, allowing for efficient operation.
  • Range: With a range of up to 4,074 kilometers (2,532 mi), it can connect a variety of regional destinations.

About United Airlines

United Airlines and United Express operate a massive network, averaging over 4,000 daily flights to 350 destinations across six continents.

SkyWest, the world’s largest E175 operator, contributes significantly to this network with over 700 daily departures to more than 140 destinations as a United Express carrier.

The airline has U.S. hubs in Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York/Newark, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

United operates the most comprehensive global route network among North American carriers. Additionally, it is now the largest airline in the world as measured by available seat miles. 

In 2023, United solidified its position as the world’s largest airline by seat-miles flown, transporting over 150 million passengers.

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