United Airlines Appoints New Chief Financial Officer

United Airlines Appoints New Chief Financial Officer
Photo Credit: Lewis Chesworth/AviationSource

Last week, United Airlines appointed a new Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President, with this now being under the guidance of Michael Leskinen.

As per the statement from the carrier, Leskinen will be responsible for the following:

“He will oversee corporate finance, treasury, financial planning and analysis, tax, accounting, investor relations, procurement, internal audit, risk management and corporate strategy.”

United Airlines Appoints New Chief Financial Officer…

United Airlines Appoints New Chief Financial Officer
Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource


Commenting on the appointment of Leskinen to the CFO role was United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby:

“With two decades of experience on Wall Street and five years as a leading finance executive at United, Mike brings a unique understanding of the public markets combined with an in depth understanding of our airline and our industry”.

“He is the best person to help us drive a culture within our finance team that’s focused on moving fast, hitting our targets with no excuses, and being disciplined about capital and cost decision-making that supports our United Next plan.”

“I know Mike will bring a strong and independent strategic perspective to the table when we’re making decisions about United’s future.”

The former CFO Gerry Laderman will serve as an Executive Vice President of Finance until his planned retirement in September 2024.

All eyes will be on Leskinen to see what more he can get out of United Airlines’ already well-established financials, and what moves will need to be made to streamline profitability further.

But now, the ball is officially in his court, and the pressure begins at running the finances of a large American carrier.

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