UCL: Etihad “Man City Livery” in Istanbul, Manchester-Ready

UCL: Etihad "Man City Livery" in Istanbul, Manchester-Ready
Photo sourced from ESPN.

Following Manchester City’s victory in the Champions League final, Etihad Airways’ Boeing 787-9 in the special “Man City Livery” is ready to take the team home tomorrow from Istanbul.

A6-BND is the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in question and headed over to Istanbul earlier today via EY96, which you can see below via RadarBox.com.

UCL: Etihad "Man City Livery" in Istanbul, Manchester-Ready

As per data from the Manchester Airport arrivals website, A6-BND is due to land in Manchester at 1640 local time as EY8041 from Istanbul.

The Etihad Airways Man City Livery…

Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource


With Etihad Airways being the front-of-shirt sponsor for Manchester City, and with the ties to the UAE coming from ownership also, this is why Etihad will fly the squad home from Istanbul.

It will operate a four-hour flight from Istanbul, where the Champions League Final was hosted, and head over to Manchester that way.

From there, it is expected to take standard revenue passengers back to Abu Dhabi, with the departure time expected to be 2100 local time.

Plenty of Champions League Charters Inbound to Manchester…

On top of that, there will also be all of the other Champions League charters coming back into the airport from Istanbul.

They are as follows at this time:

  • PVG9894 – 0525
  • TK3305 – 0535
  • TK3308 – 0615
  • TK1993 – 0955
  • PC1179 – 1050
  • TK1991 – 1210
  • PC7340 – 1225
  • PC7321 – 1300
  • PC1181 – 1330
  • TK4905 – 1420
  • TK3278 – 1455
  • PC7349 – 1455
  • TK3296 – 1505
  • PUE957 – 1535
  • TK1995 – 1605
  • TK3290 – 1605
  • ZT4942 – 1630 – Understood the Man City team will be onboard this flight.
  • EY8041 – 1640 – Understood that the families of the Man City squad will be onboard this flight.
  • PVG9892 – 1655
  • PC7141 – 1710
  • HAT2771 – 1810
  • ENT546 – 1915
  • PC7147 – 2220
  • FH893 – 2315
  • *All times subject to change.

So, if you are a spotter that is local to Manchester Airport, tomorrow will be the day to turn up to get all of these aircraft coming in.

Highlights of that list will be a Plus Ultra Airbus A340, the Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9 “Man City” livery, as well as a significant number of Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines flights that have been put on extra to bring fans home.

Representatives of AviationSource will be planespotting at Manchester Airport tomorrow – so come and say hi to us if you are around!

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