Typhoon Lan: Philippine Airlines Cancels Osaka, Nagoya Ops

Typhoon Lan: Philippine Airlines Cancels Osaka, Nagoya Ops
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Today, Philippine Airlines cancelled services to Osaka and Nagoya flights due to Typhoon Lan affecting the area.

The following services were cancelled by the carrier:

  • PR 438/437 Manila-Nagoya-Manila
  • PR 412/411 Manila-Osaka-Manila
  • PR 407/408 Manila-Osaka-Manila

Philippine Airlines said the following in a statement on this:

“This is a developing situation.”

“Philippine Airlines will coordinate closely with concerned airport authorities in Japan and keep a close watch on weather forecasts in case we need to make other adjustments.”

Typhoon Lan Affecting Philippines Airlines Flights To Osaka & Nagoya…

Typhoon Lan: Philippine Airlines Cancels Osaka, Nagoya Ops


The Osaka & Nagoya areas in Japan are bracing for Typhoon Lan, with landfall made yesterday, which was the reason for the cancellation from Philippine Airlines.

It is expected to be a very heavy typhoon, with a maximum wind speed of 139mph, which is unsafe for aviation operations to be facilitated.

The likes of Emirates have also cancelled services to Osaka ahead of this typhoon.

At this stage, it is unclear when flights by Philippine Airlines to these destinations will be reinstated as they have to wait for Typhoon Lan to pass before it being deemed safe to restart operations over there.

The carrier typically operates this route using its Airbus A321neo aircraft, as per data from RadarBox.com.

Looking ahead, it’s going to be interesting to see what sort of damage Typhoon Lan will cause to the airport infrastructure within the likes of Osaka & Nagoya.

If the damage is heavy enough, it could be a couple of days before damages are cleared and repaired.

This is a developing story. More to follow in due course.

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