Two Dutch airports enter strategic cooperation

Delegates of Schiphol and Maastricht Aachen Airport sign agreement.
Robert Carsouw & Stephan Satijn. Photo Credit: Schiphol Airport

A strategic cooperation between the Dutch airports of Maastricht Aachen (MAA) and Royal Schiphol Group has started. On the 8th of June 2023, the Dutch province of Limburg and Schiphol inked a cooperation agreement.

The agreement states that the Schiphol Group will be purchasing a 40% stake in Maastricht Aachen airport, whilst the Limburg government still keeps a 60% stake.

This agreement will allow both airports to work closely together and keep the aviation industry in the Netherlands future-proof. This includes topics on sustainability, environment-conscious and future-proof airports for commercial and cargo traffic. 

Added benefits

With the two airports joining forces, MAA will be better off with the added benefits of what Schiphol’s expertise has to offer. Schiphol Airport is world-renowned for its sustainability, and this will truly make MAA more sustainable than ever before.

Photo Credit: Schiphol Airport.

The agreement stresses the need for innovation and electric flight, which both airports are banking their future on. Moreover, the agreement will also cover the field of cargo handling.

Cargo is not new to both airports, but with Schiphol Airport handling large volumes of cargo, it is transferring its know-how to MAA, which will make a significant operational and economic contribution to MAA.

Such contribution to MAA will lead to a greater economic and social spill over to the city of Maastricht in The Netherlands and Aachen in Germany, and also the region of Limburg as a whole. This knock-on effect will bring greater non-aviation benefits to the region. 


MAA still needs a helping hand 

Photo Credit: E v Schoonhoven, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The new agreement will allow MAA to become more competitive, despite the airport being the second and only regional airport in the Netherlands. The Dutch never fail to upskill their already competitive and component workforce.

Both groups see the importance of cargo and connecting goods and people to and from The Netherlands and Europe. Apart from building cargo opportunities, the two airports will also build upon further developments and business opportunities, including, strategy, real estate, commerce, and maintenance. 

Partnership statements

Robert Carsouw, CFO Royal Schiphol Group said: “We are pleased to officially welcome Maastricht Aachen Airport to Royal Schiphol Group. Together, we connect the Netherlands with the rest of the world and create value for society and the economy.”

“At the same time, it must be in balance with the living environment. That is why, also in Maastricht, we are committed to sustainable aviation with less impact on the environment and our surroundings.”

Stephan Satijn, economy delegate province of Limburg said: “Even though Schiphol and MAA are not comparable in terms of size and number of flights, I do believe that this collaboration is a powerful combination.”

“MAA can benefit from Schiphol’s knowledge, experience and networks, while Schiphol can use the experience that MAA will gain with innovations such as electric flying.”

“Maastricht Airport sets to become stronger than ever with the Schiphol group giving them a helping hand. We believe that this will improve the economic competitiveness of Limburg.”

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