TUS Airways inks investment agreement with Holiday Lines Group

Passengers board a TUS Airways aircraft on the tarmac.
Maor X, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cypriot carrier TUS Airways has inked a multi-million dollar investment agreement with the Holiday Lines Group, the owner of the Greek airline, Bluebird Airways.

This strategic partnership marks a big move for TUS Airways and promises not only a flourishing alliance but also substantial benefits for the aviation and tourism sectors across Cyprus, Europe, and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Upon completion of the agreement, the Holiday Lines Group, existing shareholders Mr. Ken Woolley, and Global Knafaim Leasing Ltd will each hold equal shares in TUS Airways.

This tripartite ownership structure forges a robust strategic partnership, infusing TUS Airways with the visionary commitment of three influential aviation stakeholders.

Commercial Opportunities

The alliance promises a wealth of benefits, providing unparalleled commercial opportunities across Cyprus, Europe, and the Eastern Mediterranean.

This collaboration positions TUS Airways to soar to unprecedented heights, leveraging the combined expertise of the Holiday Lines Group, Mr. Ken Woolley, and Global Knafaim Leasing Ltd.


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Holiday Lines Group: Tourism & Leisure

The Holiday Lines Group, led by Ami Cohen & Arnon Englander, stands as one of the largest groups in the field of tourism & leisure in the region.

With a robust portfolio that includes the Greek airline Bluebird Airways and cutting-edge technology companies, this group’s strategic investment propels TUS Airways into an era of unrivaled strength and growth.

Impact on Cyprus Aviation and Tourism

The partnership not only benefits TUS Airways but also heralds a positive impact on Cyprus’ aviation and tourism industries.

This collaboration fosters economic & investment growth, showcasing the island as an even more attractive destination for travelers and investors alike.

Aligning with national interests, the collaboration positions Cyprus as a hub for aviation excellence. This strategic move transforms the island into a gateway to unparalleled travel experiences, reinforcing its standing in the global aviation landscape.

Strengthened Sales Presence

The Cypriot carrier anticipates a strengthened sales presence in Cyprus, Greece, Israel, and across Europe.

This expanded reach unlocks new opportunities to provide bespoke packaged holiday solutions for valued customers, catering to diverse preferences and travel needs.

Pending regulatory approval, TUS Airways and Bluebird Airways will collaborate to offer customers an expanded choice, outstanding service, and an enhanced network with improved connectivity across the region.

TUS Airways CEO Comments

Welcoming this key milestone, Ahmed Aly, CEO of TUS Airways, emphasizes the game-changing nature of this partnership in Mediterranean aviation.

Aly states, “This exciting venture ensures a brighter future for both our employees and TUS Airways as a whole.”

By welcoming the Holiday Lines Group as new investors, the airline secures a bright future, placing the airline in a unique position within a robust and formidable aviation family.

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