Turkish Cargo Signs Two Important MoUs

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Turkish Airlines’ cargo division, Turkish Cargo, has signed two MoUs with Avianca Cargo and DHL Global Forwarding.

With the MoUs in order, Turkish Cargo will as mentioned enhance its cooperation and relations with both companies, further providing for greater collaboration initiatives and offerings between the parties. In the case of Avianca Cargo, the agreement will enhance offerings by combining resources, whilst DHL Global Forwarding will leverage the mega cargo facility of Turkish Cargo, SMARTIST, as one of their hubs.

MoU with Avianca Cargo

Photo Credit: Papas Dos from Moscow, Russia, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Turkish Cargo has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the leading cargo airline for the Latin America region, Avianca Cargo, with the purpose of exploring greater cooperation opportunities along with the strengthening of air cargo connections. The agreement will act as a guide in further enabling both carriers to offer smooth and productive air cargo services to their customers by combining both expertise and resources.

Both companies will consider the possibilities of potential collaboration initiatives, such as freighter capacity agreements. The enhancements will aim to provide the air cargo customers of both airlines access to greater capacity in the potentially wider and more connected global network.

Additionally, Turkish Cargo will offer greater destination access in South America by leveraging Avianca Cargo’s route network in the region, whilst Avianca Cargo will increase access to major worldwide destinations through Turkish Cargo’s broad network.

Commenting at the signing ceremony held within the scope of the IATA World Cargo Symposium in Istanbul, was Turhan Ozen, Chief Cargo Officer of Turkish Airlines, who said:

“This MoU represents a significant enhancement in air cargo services between Türkiye and Latin America. For this reason, we chose Avianca Cargo as our strategic partner in the region, because it allows us to advance our firm purpose of improving our global cargo operations.”

“Through this cooperation, in line with our customer-oriented approach, we are reinforcing our intercontinental connections and expanding our cargo services to destinations in South America.”


Avianca Cargo CEO, Gabriel Oliva also commented on the agreement, stating: “This agreement represents the possibility of strengthening bilateral cooperation between both airlines, new commercial opportunities, and a closer operational, technological, and product collaboration.”

“The extensive trajectory and leadership of Avianca Cargo in Latin American markets, added to the worldwide experience of Turkish Cargo and its positioning, will ultimately allow us to achieve the highest levels of product offer, service, and value for the benefit of our customers.”

MoU with DHL Global Forwarding

Announced simultaneously, Turkish Cargo has also signed an MoU with DHL Global Forwarding under the IATA World Cargo Symposium, which takes place in Istanbul. With the MoU, the cooperation between both companies will improve operational efficiency on both ends, whilst also enhancing Istanbul’s potential of becoming a global leading logistics hub.

The MoU will see DHL Global Forwarding leverage the mega cargo facility of Turkish Cargo at Istanbul Airport, SMARTIST, as one of its global hubs. The outcome of this will be the number of air cargo traffic handled via Istanbul seeing a significant increase.

Turkish Cargo’s combination of an extensive international air cargo network and Türkiye’s unique geographical advantages will enable Turkish Cargo to support DHL Global Forwarding’s global hub concept with specialized knowledge and advanced operational capabilities at Istanbul Airport.

Commenting on the agreement is Turkish Airlines Chief Cargo Officer, Turhan Özen, who said: “Integration of SMARTIST, our mega cargo hub, with the global network of DHL Global Forwarding, will enhance our service quality and strengthen the hub position of Istanbul further.”

“This cooperation will also enable us to offer more effective, productive and uninterrupted air cargo service to our customers and add value to the industry upon the establishment of a powerful partnership by and between Turkish Cargo and DHL. We hereby wish that this MOU, which stands out as a great source of pride and excitement to us, be beneficial to both parties thereto.”

As for DHL Global Forwarding, Global Head of Air Freight, Thomas Mack stated: “Spanning the European and Asian continents, Türkiye is geographically well-positioned to act as a logistics hub for Europe, Asia as well as the MEA region and the US.”

“We are happy to intensify our long-lasting partnership with Turkish Cargo, that not only provides us with reliable air cargo capacity, but also state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure to handling air freight.”

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