Turkish Airlines & MIAT Mongolian Announce Codeshare

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LONDON – Earlier this week, it was revealed by Turkish Airlines that they have signed a codesharing agreement with MIAT Mongolian Airlines.

Through this cooperation, Turkish Airlines will be offering Ulaanbaatar as Marketing Carrier on MIAT Mongolian Airlines’ operated flights.

At the same time, MIAT Mongolian Airlines’ passengers will be able to reach many European and United States destinations through Turkish Airlines’ extensive network.

This reciprocal arrangement will allow TK and OM to provide seamless connections to their passengers. Turkish Airlines will use its code “TK” on MIAT Mongolian Airlines-operated flights between Ulaanbaatar and Istanbul.

Similarly, MIAT Mongolian Airlines will place its code on Istanbul-Ulaanbaatar flights and also on 10 points beyond Istanbul, operated by Turkish Airlines.

Executive Comments…

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Commenting on the new arrangement was Bilal Eksi, the Turkish Airlines CEO:

“Both flag carriers enhanced their solid collaboration via signing this codeshare agreement and by increasing frequencies reciprocally between Istanbul and Ulaanbaatar.”

“As a result, more Turkish and Mongolian passengers will be able to visit these two unique and beautiful countries, Türkiye and Mongolia.”

“Besides, we will connect more destinations in light of the existing beyond points in the newly signed codeshare agreement.”

Also adding to this arrangement was MIAT Mongolian’s CEO Munkhtamir Batbayar, who said the following:

“This is an important milestone in the cooperation of both companies. The agreement will enable the customers of both airlines with greater choice and connectivity.”

“Turkish Airlines is an important airline globally with a wide range of networks, and cooperation with such an elite airline is a great privilege for us.”

A Unique But Positive Arrangement…

Photo Credit: Karam Sodhi/AviationSource

This deal represents quite a unique but positive arrangement between Turkish Airlines and MIAT Mongolian Airlines.

Ulaanbaatar is turning into an airport that can provide more seamless connectivity on the way to other areas of Asia that are both easy to access but also not as connected.

And this is something that Turkish Airlines wanted to take advantage of, as this will connect Ulaanbaatar with other areas of the world so that it will benefit MIAT Mongolian just as much.

For MIAT Mongolian, this is good news for the airline as they get to reap some of the additional revenues of placing its code on 10 Turkish Airlines flights, which will give them a more global spread moving forward.


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Overall, it remains clear that this will be an ambitious yet fruitful arrangement between the two sides, which will no doubt begin offering benefits as soon as the arrangements are inaugurated.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see how this will fare for MIAT Mongolian Airlines, especially if a potential expansion of this arrangement is on the cards if they experience strong benefits from this.

For Turkish Airlines, this increases its connectivity within Mongolia as well as to other areas across Asia where MIAT operate.

Either way, this will be a partnership to watch out for, as there could be more seamless connectivity within that area of the world going into the future.

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