Turkish Airlines Cancels Flights to Israel

Turkish Airlines Cancels Flights to Israel
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

Turkish Airlines becomes the latest airline to announce a suspension in flights to Israel, as fighting in the region continues to break out.

Like with Delta & Finnair today, the airline has laid out on their website the detail in such cancellations.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Turkish Airlines Cancels Flights to Israel…

Turkish Airlines Cancels Flights to Israel
Photo Credit: Jamie Clarke/AviationSource


Announced within the last half hour or so, the airline looks to have suspended services from October 7 until October 23 so far.

On the information, they said the following regarding this:

“Due to current situation that affects our Tel Aviv flights, for passengers who have bookings on the Turkish Airlines or Anadolu Jet Tel Aviv flights between 07 October 2023 – 23 October 2023 (included) and ticketed on/before 07 October 2023, will be handled with following conditions, disregarding the related fare rules”.

It is understood that validity of tickets can be extended to travel until the 10th December this year, with the indication that such cancellations for flights into Israel may be extended.

Turkish Airlines has redirected customers to their website, where changes to their ticket or refunds can be facilitated by passengers.

The airline joins the plethora of carriers who have suspended services into Israel, such as Ryanair, Wizz Air, Delta, United, American and others.

There are still flight options currently, but the list is beginning to wear thin. This remains a developing story and will provide updates in due course as they come in.

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