Titan Airways salutes final Boeing 737 Classic

Photo Credit: Titan Airways

On April 26, Titan Airways announced the company has flown their last Boeing 737 Classic flight, with the aircraft removed from service on April 8. The Boeing 737-400F registered G-POWS was delivered to Titan Airways in 2018 after serving its first operator, British Airways.

Titan Airways have previously operated the Boeing 737-300, another variant of the Classic-series, and the series has played a key role in the 35 year long history of the airline.

However, the carrier has taken on more modern and newer aircraft, with their youngest fleet member being the Airbus A321neo series aircraft.

The final goodbye

In an official statement issued by the company Titan Airways, the company addresses the retirement of their final Boeing 737 Classic series aircraft, a Boeing 737-400F. The aircraft got to serve the carrier for a mere five years after previously previously operating for British Airways (BA).

G-POWS, the Boeing 737-400F was converted to a freighter aircraft in autumn of 2018, and has since its entry into Titan Airways flown mail on domestic UK routes on behalf of the Royal Mail.

With a marked 35-year-long history for the company, the Boeing 737 Classic has played a key role in Titan Airways since the Classic series joined the company back in the early 1990’s.

Titan Airways have also operated the Boeing 737-300 series in a dual configuration option, flying passengers during the day and cargo during the night.

The retirement of these aircraft types come as the company is looking to a more sustainable future with more fuel efficient aircraft, such as the Airbus A321(P2F) and A330-300(P2F) on the freight side.


The state of the art Airbus A321neo LR will be employed on passenger operations, which also involve the Airbus A320 and A321ceo aircraft, the previous generation.

The company also maintains one Boeing 757 on its fleet, registered G-ZAPX (MSN 29309).

Photo Credit: Adrian Olstad/AviationSource

Furthermore, Titan Airways expresses their sincere gratitude towards the pilots who have flown the line on these aircraft over the years.

Current fleet statistics

With the Boeing 737 Classic series, and more importantly their entire Boeing 737 fleet retired, Titan Airways now operates a great variety of aircraft types. Their fleet is now heavily Airbus oriented, with the exception of one Boeing and one Embraer Business aircraft.

To date, Titan Airways operates a greater Airbus fleet with the newest type being the Airbus A321neo.

Per data provided by Planespotters.net, updated on April 26 2023, the carrier has the following aircraft:

  • Airbus A320
    • G-POWK (MSN 4701), G-POWM (MSN 2564)
  • Airbus A321
    • G-POWN (MSN 3830), G-POWU (MSN 3708), G-POWW (MSN 2060)
  • Airbus A321 P2F
    • 9H-ZTA (MSN 3749), 9H-ZTB (MSN 1238), G-NIKO (MSN 1250)
  • Airbus A321neo
    • G-GBNI (MSN 10238), G-POWT (MSN 8830), G-XATW (MSN 10150)
  • Airbus A330 P2F
    • G-EODS (MSN 713)
  • Boeing 757
    • G-ZAPX (MSN 29309)
  • Embraer Phenom
    • G-WZAP (MSN 50500438)

In total, Titan Airways’ fleet consists of 14 aircraft across a range of types, which they either operate for different companies, wet-lease to comanies needing extra capacity, or in the case of two of the Airbus A321neo aircraft, operations for the United Kingdom’s Government.

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