The Rhodes Wildfires Cost TUI 25 million euros

The Rhodes Wildfires Cost TUI 25 million euros
Photo Credit: Tom Postlethwaite/AviationSource

The wildfires in Rhodes which caused the evacuation of tens of thousands of holidaymakers cost TUI 25 million euros.

This was revealed via the carrier’s financial statement on August 9, despite the group turning over a profit overall.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Full Statement from TUI on the Cost of the Rhodes Wildfires…

The Rhodes Wildfires Cost TUI 25 million euros
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

In the financial statement, TUI said the following on the repatriation of holidaymakers from Rhodes back to their respective origin points as well as the cost:

“Due to the wildfires in Rhodes at the end of July, around 8,000 TUI guests in the south of the island had to leave their hotels.”

“TUI took comprehensive care of the guests on site and also with additional return flights.”

“For the customer it has once again been shown that the package tour booked with the tour operator offers great advantages and comprehensive service in extraordinary situations.”


“The measures taken in Rhodes have a financial impact which will be reflected in the results for the full year.”

“There will be costs for cancellations and lost business, customer compensation and repatriation flights – the Group expects these to be around 25 million euros.”

“The destination Rhodes accounts for around 5 per cent of the TUI Group’s summer programme, 80 per cent of TUI guests spend their holidays in the north of the island, which was not affected at any time by the wildfires.”

“With the development of a broader and year-round range of products and services already underway, TUI will also cushion the impact of similar events to a greater extent in the future.”

With this in mind, the Group has produced a profit in Q3 for the first time since the start of the pandemic, with the underlying EBIT being reported as 169 million EUR, compared to a loss of 27 million EUR last year.

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