The Icelandic Connection: PLAY Sets Eyes on Denmark & Germany Growth

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LONDON – The Icelandic connection continues as PLAY sets eyes on growth within Denmark and Germany, respectively.

Ahead of the Summer 2023 season, PLAY has announced the addition of four more new destinations to its route network.

With PLAY focusing a lot on its transatlantic ability, these four new destinations will reap the benefits of that connectivity.

PLAY’s Plans for Denmark…

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Denmark is where most of the expansion is going when it comes to the playbook of PLAY if you pardon the pun.

On June 10, the airline will begin twice-weekly services to Aalborg, followed by a twice-weekly service to Aarhus on June 12.

Three days after the Aarhus launch, PLAY will then operate twice-weekly flights to Billund, bringing together six weekly flights into the region.

From the wording of PLAY, all three of these destinations are focused solely on the tourist links of the respective cities.

For example, Aarhus has beaches, a “charming downtown area, and numerous art galleries and museums”.

Billund is home to Legoland, a theme park with over 50 rides, with Aalborg popular for its rich history and lively culture.

Hallo nach Düsseldorf: New German Destination for PLAY…

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Düsseldorf will be the new German destination for PLAY, which will be the airline’s third destination in the country.

Operating on a thrice-weekly basis from June 8, Düsseldorf will join Berlin and Hamburg.

PLAY stated that Düsseldorf will be launched because of the number of international travelers, commerce, and trade that the airport receives.

This now means that the Icelandic carrier now has a significant presence within Denmark and Germany alike.

PLAY CEO Focuses More on Denmark Expansion…

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Commenting on this expansion was PLAY CEO Birgir Jonsson, who placed more of a focus on the new destinations in Denmark rather than Düsseldorf:

“We have long dreamed of reaching the large number of Icelanders living in Denmark, and with these three new destinations, we believe this will greatly improve our services.”

“With these additions to the network, PLAY will have six destinations in Scandinavia next summer; two in Sweden and four in Denmark.”

“These three new destinations in Denmark are really exciting – not only am I convinced that Icelanders will use these routes a lot, but also those who want to connect to North America in a cheap and convenient way.”

“At the same time, it has rarely been cheaper for Icelanders to travel to Denmark and enjoy the Danish summer or visit relatives – half of the Icelanders in Denmark live in the western part of the country.”

“These are truly great news for a big group of people”.

The Icelandic Connection Expands Once Again…

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It remains clear that based on what a positive 12 months PLAY has had, they are using that to their advantage by growing into key markets.

Having handled over 700,000 passengers in 2022, the Icelandic carrier will no doubt want to take things further as the push to hit one million passengers annually continues.

All eyes will be on PLAY to see where they go next.

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