Thailand Aviation Veteran Patee Sarasin Launches “Really Cool Airlines”

Render of a Really Cool Airlines aircraft in flight
Image Credit: Really Cool Airlines

According to local reports, ex-Nok Air CEO Patee Sarasin is launching a new Thai airline – Really Cool Airlines.

Patee is the presumed CEO of the newly proposed airline and intends to shake up the Thai aviation market after robust growth of the aviation industry after Covid-19.

The Thai market hasn’t had a newly established airline for many years, and many if not all of them have resulted in bankruptcy. 

“We Fly The Future” 

That’s the slogan…”We Fly The Future.” The start-up airline is planning to disrupt the aviation market by using a new marketing scheme to grow the business in the very competitive Thai market. 

Patee Sarasin the CEO stated on local news source “We feel very excited to introduce Really Cool Airlines to the Thai market and deliver the very best of service standards”

The CEO furthered: Our team has been working very hard in preparing for today’s launch, and also setting new standards for the Thai aviation industry, that is why we can not wait to reveal our hard product in the upcoming months”. 

The airline emphasizes using technology in creating sustainable growth which goes hand in hand with the digitalization efforts of the Thai economy and its tourism sector. 

Yet to be revealed

The airline has yet to disclose its proposed routes and fleet composition, though we will know in the next upcoming months. The airline is set for an early 2024 or late 2023 launch along with other 3 new airlines in the country.


Moreover, with the airline being recently launched, it is yet unknown about its business plan whether it is a full-service carrier or a low-cost carrier. 

Growth opportunity 

According to the details from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Kingdom receives approximately 2.14 million arrivals in January, which is slightly lower than the arrival of December’s traffic.

Nevertheless, the airline is optimistic that the tourism level will aid the growth of the airline. Moreover, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has predicted that there will be approximately 30 million arrivals, or 80% of the number of tourism arrivals prior to covid at 39 million.

With the Thai aviation market growing faster than ever and many industry players calling for an increase in capacity, this period arguably presents the best time to start an airline. 

Massive backing

Mayor of Bangkok and former Thai Transport Minister Chadchart Sitipunt was present at the launch event at Emquartier Shopping Mall, in Bangkok this morning.

He stated: “We are very proud to have a new airline Really Cool Airlines in the Thai aviation landscape and we are proud of the team who really contributed to the launch of the airlines.”

“Not only that we appreciate your effort in launching an airline, but to contribute to the aviation market of Thailand during its recovery phase.” 

Something new…

Really Cool Airlines or RCA for short is giving a young and eccentric vibe brand image. Patee Sarasin is a serial aviation entrepreneur himself and responsible for Nok Air’s chiques and unique marketing technique, we expect RCA to become the trendiest player in the market.

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