Thai Airways orders GEnx-1B engines for 787 fleet expansion

Render of a Thai Airways Boeing 787-9 in flight over the city.
Image Credit: Boeing

GE Aerospace has announced an order from Thai Airways for GEnx-1B engines to power their recent order of 45 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft.

The reliable powerplant will support Thai Airways drive to secure new markets amid continued demand for air travel services.

The GEnx-1B engine currently powers two out of every three Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft in current commercial service worldwide.

 “We are very pleased to welcome Thai Airways to the GEnx family as they expand their Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet and embark on a major fleet expansion plan,” said Russell Stokes, President and CEO, Commercial Engines and Services, GE Aerospace.

“The GEnx engine’s advanced technology will play an instrumental role in reducing emissions and helping meet the airline’s and nation’s environmental goals.”

Thai Airways Comments

Chai Eamsiri, CEO of Thai Airways, highlighted the benefits of integrating GEnx engines into their fleet. He emphasized the engines’ advanced technology and reduced environmental impact, emphasizing their significance in supporting Thai Airways’ sustainability goals.


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“To accomplish the company’s carbon neutral goals by 2050, the 45 new Boeing 787 Dreamliners will be equipped with GEnx engines which are known for their cutting-edge technology and reduced environmental impact,” said Eamsiri.

“Furthermore, we are confident that the acquisition of the 787 Dreamliners will ultimately benefit our customers and support the growth of our country’s economy,” said Chai Eamsiri.

Photo Credit: GE Aerospace

Technical Details of the Engine…

The GEnx-1B engine powers a significant portion of the Boeing 787 aircraft currently in service. With a 1.4% fuel burn savings compared to its competitors and 52 million flight hours since its introduction in 2011, the engine offers superior efficiency.

Furthermore, its compatibility with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) aligns with the industry’s push towards greener alternatives, contributing to a more sustainable aviation ecosystem.

The GE Aerospace GEnx-1B engine is a high-thrust turbofan engine designed for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It’s known for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and advanced technology. Here are some key details:


  • Thrust: Up to 76,000 lbs of thrust, suitable for long-haul flights
  • Fuel Efficiency: Delivers a 1.4% fuel burn savings compared to competitors, translating to significant cost and emission reductions
  • Reliability: Boasts a 99.98% dispatch rate, meaning flights rarely get delayed due to engine issues
  • Time on Wing: Engines stay operational for longer periods between overhauls, reducing maintenance costs
  • Availability: High utilization rate allows airlines to maximize aircraft operating time

Advantages of the Engines

The GEnx engine’s design incorporates lightweight, durable materials and advanced engineering processes, resulting in enhanced performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

These factors make it the preferred choice for long-haul flights, providing airlines like Thai Airways with a competitive edge in terms of operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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