TAAG Angola Airlines orders GEnx-1B engines for Boeing 787 fleet

Render of a TAAG Angola Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner in flight
Photo Credit: Boeing.

TAAG Angola Airlines has placed an order with GE Aerospace for eight GEnx-1B engines and one spare to power their new fleet of Boeing 787 aircraft.

This decision comes on the heels of TAAG’s October announcement signalling the Luanda-based carrier would renew its fleet with an order for four Boeing 787 Dreamliners. 

GEnx-1B’s Track Record

The GEnx engine family, a pinnacle of propulsion technology, has amassed an impressive 50 million flight hours since its inception in 2011.

Boasting the title of the fastest-selling, high-thrust engine in GE history, the GEnx-1B currently propels two out of every three Boeing-787 aircraft in service.

With nearly 3,000 engines in operation and on backlog, including spares, it stands as a testament to its reliability and popularity among airlines globally.

Photo: GE Aviation


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Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Impact

One of the standout features of the GEnx-1B is its exceptional fuel efficiency. Powering a 1.4% fuel burn savings for the typical 787 mission compared to its competitors, this engine not only improves operational economics but also contributes to a substantial reduction in carbon emissions.

The annual savings of over 2 million pounds of CO2 per aircraft underscore its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Capability

In alignment with the industry’s growing focus on sustainability, the GEnx-1B is designed to operate on approved Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) blends.

This feature positions TAAG Angola Airlines as a forward-thinking player in the aviation sector, aligning with global efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of air travel.

TrueChoice™ Services Agreement

The airline is set to receive eight state-of-the-art GEnx-1B engines together with a spare, to support its new Boeing-787 Dreamliner aircraft.

In addition to the engine order, TAAG has inked a TrueChoice™ services agreement with GE Aerospace.

This comprehensive arrangement covers their existing fleet of five GE90-powered Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

Under this agreement, GE Aerospace will provide crucial support, including spare parts, component repair, and used serviceable part upgrades for TAAG’s GE90-115B engines.

GE Aerospace Comments

Kathy MacKenzie, Vice President of GE Aerospace Commercial, expressed her enthusiasm about the agreements, highlighting TAAG Angola Airlines’ continued confidence in GE Aerospace’s engines and services.

She stated, “We are excited to deliver these highly efficient and dependable GEnx engines while continuing to support the airline’s GE90 fleet.”

This testimonial not only speaks to the technological prowess of GE Aerospace but also underlines the strong partnership between the two entities.

Technological Advancements of GEnx

The GEnx engine family represents a groundbreaking leap in propulsion technology. Leveraging lightweight durable materials and advanced design processes, it achieves a remarkable reduction in weight, improved performance, and lower maintenance requirements.

These features make it the ideal engine choice for long-haul flights, aligning seamlessly with TAAG Angola Airlines’ operational needs.

The success of the GEnx engine family is attributed to the collaboration of renowned global entities. Revenue-sharing participants include IHI Corporation of Japan, GKN Aerospace Engine Systems of the UK, MTU of Germany, TechSpace Aero (Safran) of Belgium, Safran Aircraft Engines of France, and Samsung Techwin of Korea.

This international collaboration underscores the engine’s position as a global industry standard.

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