TAAG Angola Airlines enters lease for 4 Airbus A220 aircraft

Render of a TAAG Angola Airlines A220 in flight.
Image Credit: Aviation Capital Group

Aviation Capital Group LLC has announced a significant development in its partnership with TAAG Angola Airlines.

The company has entered into long-term leases for four new Airbus A220-300 aircraft, which are expected to be delivered to TAAG in 2025 from ACG’s order book with Airbus.

ACG expressed its honor and pride in being a business partner of TAAG Angola Airlines and supporting its growth and expansion plans.

A crucial role in the re-opening of markets

The A220-300 aircraft, known for their modern design and environmental friendliness, are expected to play a crucial role in TAAG’s mission to reopen markets, explore new destinations, and enhance connectivity options with increased flight frequencies.

Tom Baker, CEO and President of ACG, highlighted the comfort, low noise, and fuel economy characteristics of the state-of-the-art A220-300 aircraft.

He believes that these features will contribute to a superior travel experience for passengers and enable TAAG to capitalize on its international credibility and fleet renewal efforts.

Eduardo Fairen, CEO of TAAG Angola Airlines, expressed his enthusiasm for the incorporation of four new A220 aircraft through the agreement with ACG.

He emphasized that the addition of these advanced and technologically sophisticated aircraft would provide passengers with enhanced connectivity options and a modern flight experience, aligning with the demands of today’s travelers.


About TAAG Angola Airlines

TAAG Angola Airlines was founded in 1938 and it is based in Luanda, Angola’s capital city. For more than 80 years TAAG has connected Angolans with its key domestic and international markets.

TAAG is the leading airline in the country, recognized worldwide for its strong high-yield market, having grown its current network to 14 domestic and 13 international destinations.

Its fleet allows, in addition to passenger transport, air cargo services which have become essential for Angola´s growth and development. TAAG is a company that prides itself on a strong track record of service and performance excellence.

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