SWISS Appoints New Management Board Members

Photo Credits: SWISS

In a strategic move aimed at ensuring continuity and bolstering its management team, SWISS International Air Lines has recently appointed two new members to its Management Board.

This decision furthers SWISS’ efforts in strengthening its core business and maintaining a robust leadership structure.

We look into the details of these appointments and their implications.

New Management Board Members

Oliver Buchhofer: Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Oliver Buchhofer, a seasoned aviation professional, is set to join the SWISS Management Board as the Chief Operating Officer (COO).

With extensive experience in airline operations and a background in economics, Buchhofer brings a wealth of expertise to his new role.

Photo Credits: SWISS

Having served as Head of Operations at SWISS since 2021, he previously held key positions at Tyrolean Airways and Austrian Airlines.

Buchhofer is thus well-equipped to drive operational excellence and enhance SWISS’s core business functions.

Dennis Weber: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Dennis Weber, an accomplished financial expert, will assume the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at SWISS.

Weber’s tenure as Head of Investor Relations at the Lufthansa Group has equipped him with invaluable insights into financial management and investor relations.

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With a background in business administration, he has a career spanning prominent brands like Adidas AG and Hugo Boss AG.

As such, Weber is poised to steer SWISS towards financial stability and sustainable growth.

Implications for SWISS and Lufthansa Group

Strengthening Core Business

The appointment of Oliver Buchhofer as COO underscores SWISS’s commitment to strengthening its core business operations.

With his extensive experience in airline operations and a proven track record of leadership, Buchhofer will play a pivotal role in optimizing operational efficiency and ensuring a seamless passenger experience.

Financial Expertise and Investor Relations

Dennis Weber’s appointment as CFO signifies SWISS’s focus on financial discipline and effective management of resources.

Weber’s background in financial management and investor relations will be instrumental in driving strategic financial initiatives and fostering investor confidence.

His transition from the Lufthansa Group to SWISS reflects a strategic alignment of expertise within the broader aviation network.

Leadership Continuity

The appointments of Buchhofer and Weber represent a strategic move towards ensuring leadership continuity and fostering a seamless transition within the management team.

By appointing seasoned professionals with diverse expertise, SWISS aims to fortify its leadership structure and navigate the evolving challenges of the aviation industry effectively.

Succession Planning at Lufthansa Group

Marc-Dominic Nettesheim: Head of Investor Relations

Marc-Dominic Nettesheim will now take over for Dennis Weber, following his move to SWISS. Nettesheim now assumes the role of Head of Investor Relations at the Lufthansa Group.

Nettesheim’s background lies in mergers & acquisitions. His tenure at the Lufthansa Group position him as a capable leader in investor relations.

His appointment underscores the Lufthansa Group’s commitment to nurturing talent and promoting internal mobility.


The appointment of Oliver Buchhofer and Dennis Weber to the SWISS Management Board supports its strategic vision. The airline has clearly set its sights on enhancing operational efficiency, financial stability, and leadership continuity.

By leveraging their respective expertise, SWISS positions itself to navigate the complexities of the aviation industry with resilience.

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