Surcar Airlines Opts for ZeroAvia Engines

Surcar Airlines
Photo Credit: ZeroAvia

Last week it was announced by ZeroAvia that Canary Islands start-up Surcar Airlines has selected their engines.

This article will cover the details surrounding the new engine agreement between ZeroAvia and Surcar Airlines.

Surcar Airlines Selects ZeroAvia Engines

Photo Credit: ZeroAvia

On August 2, Spanish Canary Islands start-up carrier, Surcar Airlines, has opted for ZeroAvia’s ZA600 hydrogen-electric engines to power their Twin Otter seaplane fleet.

As Surcar Airlines sets out to bring green seaplane sightseeing flights to the Canary Islands where they will initially take delivery of normal powered Twin Otters before then retrofitting their fleet with ZeroAvia’s ZA600s once they have been certified.

At present ZeroAvia is still on track for receiving certification over the next two to three years for their ZA600, 600kW engine to be used on nine to 19-seater aircraft. The manufacturer also has an existing MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with De Havilland Canada, to utilise these engines on their Twin Otter aircraft.

Executive Comments

Commenting on their latest announcement with Surcar Airlines, ZeroAvia’s Chief Customer Officer, James Peck, says, “The Canaries are a perfect use case for the earliest zero-emission flights, given the opportunity for replacing combustion engines on short island-to-island routes.”

“Developing green options for inter-island travel will help further increase the appeal of one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations.”

Adding to Peck’s comments, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Surcar Airlines, Gerardo Morales-Hierro, adds, “Millions visit each year to see the incredible natural beauty and world heritage sites here in the Canary Islands. Climate change threatens this and our way of life.”

“Working with ZeroAvia will help us to deliver cleaner flights, while also fostering positive impacts on the local community and the environment.”

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