Sun Country named Best Low Cost Airline in North America at Skytrax

CEO of Sun Country accepts a Skytrax Award.
Photo Credit: Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines has been recognized as the Best Low-Cost Airline in North America at the prestigious 2023 World Airline Awards, which took place during the Paris Air Show.

The recognition is perhaps a testament to the airline’s commitment to providing exceptional value and an outstanding onboard experience for its customers.

A first for Sun Country

This year marks the first time that Sun Country Airlines has secured this prestigious accolade at the World Airline Awards.

Dave Davis, President and Chief Financial Officer of Sun Country Airlines, expressed his gratitude upon receiving the award. He stated, “We are honored to be recognized for the value and on-board experience we provide our customers.”

“Our focus on the leisure traveler allows us to offer flights when demand is strongest, and our business model keeps fares affordable. We look forward to continuing to grow when and where our customers need us most.”

The CEO of Skytrax, Edward Plaisted, also commended Sun Country Airlines on their achievement. He remarked, “It is a fantastic achievement for Sun Country Airlines to win this highest accolade as the Best Low-Cost Airline in North America for the first time.”

“In such a competitive region for low-cost and ultra-low-cost air travel, to be named the Best Low-Cost Airline is a source of great pride for Sun Country Airlines and all its staff.”


A Sun Country Airlines Boeing parked under a blue sky.
Photo Credit: Sun Country Airlines

About Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines represents a new breed of hybrid low-cost air carriers, dedicated to connecting guests to their favorite destinations and cherished loved ones. The airline’s mission revolves around creating lifelong memories and transformative experiences for its passengers.

With operations based in Minnesota, Sun Country Airlines offers a comprehensive range of services, including scheduled flights, charters, and cargo transportation.

The airline predominantly focuses on serving leisure travelers and individuals visiting friends and relatives (VFR). By catering to this specific market, Sun Country Airlines ensures its flights align with peak demand periods, providing customers with greater flexibility.

Moreover, the airline’s business model emphasizes affordability, enabling passengers to enjoy quality air travel without breaking the bank.

Sun Country Airlines operates flights within the United States, as well as to various destinations in Mexico, Central America, Canada, and the Caribbean.

The World Airline Awards

The World Airline Awards, regarded as the aviation industry’s equivalent of the Oscars, are renowned for their impartiality and independence. Introduced in 1999, these awards were created to conduct a global customer satisfaction study.

Travelers from around the world participate in the largest airline passenger satisfaction survey, which determines the winners of these prestigious awards. The media refers to the World Airline Awards as “the Oscars of the aviation industry.”

Skytrax, the organizer of the event, covers all costs associated with the survey and awards ceremony. Airlines are not required to pay any entry or registration fees, ensuring fairness and transparency throughout the process.

The online customer survey took place from September 2022 to May 2023. In addition to new respondents, invitations were sent to previous survey participants, resulting in a diverse range of feedback.

The survey was available in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Over 100 nationalities participated in the 2022/2023 survey, contributing to the vast pool of data. The final results accounted for 20.23 million eligible entries.

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