State-of-the-art terminal proposed for Cairo Airport

View of exterior Terminal 3 at Cairo International Airport
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Pangiam, a trade and travel technology company, executed two agreements with the Cairo Airport Company to design and build Cairo International Airport’s (CAI) new Terminal 4 and develop CAI into a world-class smart airport.

Cairo International Airport (CAI) is set to undergo a remarkable transformation. Pangiam, a distinguished trade and travel technology company, has taken the initiative to elevate CAI into a world-class smart airport.

The proposal calls for the airport upgrade to be equipped with leading-edge technology and employ operational best practices.

This ambitious project comes as a result of two significant agreements between Pangiam and the Cairo Airport Company, aiming to reshape the travel landscape and boost Egypt’s tourism industry.

L-R: Simon Wilcox, SVP Pangiam; Crawford Burden, MD AECOM; Erin Cole, Deputy Senior Commercial Services Officer, U.S. Embassy Cairo, Tom Plofchan, Chief Investment Officer Pangiam; H.E. Minister of Civil Aviation Mohamed Abbas Helmy; Mohamed Saeed Mahrous, Chairman Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation; Magdy Ishak, Chairman and CEO Cairo Airport Company; Permanent Undersecretary of Civil Aviation Amany Metwaly; Yehia Zakaria, Chairman and CEO EgyptAir; Amr el-Sharkawy, Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority; Captain Elias Sadek, Minister Advisor.


Cairo International Airport Terminal 4

One of the key highlights of this new partnership is the development of Cairo International Airport’s new Terminal 4. This state-of-the-art terminal will serve as a beacon of modernity, offering travelers a seamless and sophisticated experience from start to finish.

Pangiam, along with its partners, has been entrusted with the task of crafting a comprehensive proposal for the construction of Terminal 4.

This undertaking represents a crucial step towards accommodating the ever-increasing passenger flow and providing world-class amenities.

Embracing Emerging Technologies

In an era where technology reigns supreme, Pangiam’s commitment extends beyond the construction of a new terminal. The Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) also mandate the execution of a feasibility study.

This study will delve into the realm of emerging technologies, exploring innovative solutions to transform CAI’s existing infrastructure into a smart airport marvel.

The goal is to create a travel hub that sets new standards in efficiency, convenience, and passenger satisfaction.

Cairo Airport Partnership

Over the next six months, Pangiam, in collaboration with the Cairo Airport Company, will dedicate its efforts to bring this vision to life. The project aligns with the Egyptian Civil Aviation Development Plan, a testament to Egypt’s dedication to enhancing its aviation sector.

This bold initiative aims to not only meet the demands of the present but also to anticipate the future needs of travelers and tourists.

Tourism and Investment

Tom Plofchan, Pangiam’s Chief Investment Officer, shared his thoughts on these new agreements.

“These agreements represent the beginning of an exciting opportunity to deliver a world-class passenger experience that will help support and grow Egypt’s impressive tourism industry and attract additional foreign direct investment.”

Pangiam’s commitment extends beyond business; it is a commitment to bolster Egypt’s economic growth and global standing.

Civil Aviation Minister Comments

Egyptian Civil Aviation Minister Mohamed Abbas Helmy emphasizes the significance of these agreements, stating,

“The signing of the two MoUs is in line with the Ministry’s desire to develop the infrastructure and enhance the efficiency of Cairo International Airport systems, supported in this endeavor by distinguished experts with access to cutting-edge technologies.”

“The aim is to enhance the level of services provided to passengers in order to create a better travel experience, particularly given the expected increase in air and tourist traffic in Egypt in the years ahead.”

These words reflect a vision of a brighter, more convenient future for travelers in Egypt.

Gratitude and Collaboration

Pangiam acknowledges the invaluable support of the United States Embassy in Cairo in reaching this critical milestone. This partnership showcases the collaborative spirit required to embark on such a transformative journey, solidifying Pangiam’s commitment to delivering excellence.

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