STARLUX to Add Hong Kong Flights to Network

A STARLUX A350 on the taxiway.
Photo Credit: STARLUX.

In response to growing travel demand, Taiwan’s luxury carrier STARLUX Airlines has announced a further expansion of its route network.

Hong Kong, a major aviation hub and Asia’s bustling metropolis, will be the airline’s newest destination, starting July 16, 2024.

Passengers can experience seamless travel between Taipei and Hong Kong with two daily non-stop flights. These will be operated by STARLUX’s state-of-the-art A350-900 and A330-900neo wide-body aircraft.

This exciting addition allows North American travelers flying from Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle to conveniently connect to Hong Kong via Taipei.

Booking for the new route is now open. Passengers from the US can secure their flights for travel starting July 16 from Los Angeles and San Francisco. Flights for Seattle have departures commencing on August 16.

Connecting to Asia’s ‘World City’

Glenn Chai, CEO of STARLUX Airlines gave comments on the new route decision. “The launch of this new route reflects not only STARLUX’s strategic growth but also underscores the significance of Hong Kong as a key aviation hub.”

“We’re thrilled to connect US passengers to one of Asia’s busiest airports, facilitating business ventures, leisure getaways, and family reunions.”

Mr. Chai further emphasized the importance of Hong Kong as a destination city. “Hong Kong, also known as ‘Asia’s World City,’ consistently ranks among the top 20 most visited destinations globally.”

“It captivates travelers with its rich cultural heritage, diverse culinary scene, iconic landmarks, and vibrant shopping districts.”

A STARLUX Airlines Airbus A350 in flight
Photo Credit: STARLUX Airlines

Exclusive Offers to Celebrate the Launch

To commemorate this exciting expansion, STARLUX Airlines has partnered with the Taiwan hospitality sector to provide exclusive promotional deals:

  • High-Speed Rail Discount: Travelers can enjoy a TWD200 reduction on all High-Speed Rail Holidays’ products by using the discount code “20240716” along with the identifier “STARLUX.”
  • Curated Taiwan Travel Itineraries: Explore a meticulously crafted collection of Taiwan travel itineraries designed to create an unforgettable journey.
  • Taichung Tourism Deals: Until September 30, Taichung City Tourism and Travel Bureau offers exclusive, time-limited deals for STARLUX passengers.

Simply present your STARLUX boarding pass and passport at over 100 participating businesses in Taichung to receive a minimum discount of 30% on hotel stays, souvenir shops, tourist attractions, and more. Visit their website for further details.

Photo Credit: Aviation Capital Group.

About STARLUX Airlines

Founded on the principle of democratizing luxury travel, STARLUX Airlines is a boutique international airline based in Taiwan.

Currently, it operates 25 routes connecting Taiwan to destinations across North America (US), Japan, Macau, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Passengers traveling between North America and Taipei can enjoy a smooth connection through STARLUX’s existing Los Angeles-Taipei and San Francisco-Taipei routes, with a third route, Seattle-Taipei, launching on August 16.

The airline’s growing fleet comprises 22 aircraft, including 13 A321neo, 4 A330neo, and 5 A350-900 planes.

With a focus on premium long-haul service, STARLUX strives to make long distance flying a truly luxurious experience.

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