STARLUX Airlines moves to daily Los Angeles flights

A STARLUX Airlines Airbus A350 in flight
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Premium Taiwanese carrier, STARLUX Airlines, has made significant enhancements to its Los Angeles-Taipei route, offering passengers a truly memorable and luxurious travel experience.

The airline has also increased the frequency of flights from five times a week to daily, allowing travelers to conveniently connect major cities in North America and Asia.

Furthermore, STARLUX Airlines has introduced its exclusive “Home-in-the-Air” amenities, featuring co-branded amenity kits designed by prestigious Italian luxury brands FPM and Bric’s Milano, as well as Samsonite RED.

These unique amenities are set to elevate the comfort and enjoyment of passengers on their journey.

Unveiling the Special Co-branded Amenity Kits

Passengers traveling on STARLUX Airlines’ Los Angeles-Taipei flights can now indulge in the airline’s exceptional co-branded amenity kits created in collaboration with renowned Italian luxury brands.

These amenity kits offer a touch of elegance and sophistication, adding to the overall travel experience.

First Class: A Luxurious Retreat

First Class passengers will be treated to an amenity kit co-branded with FPM—Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano. This exquisite kit features FPM’s signature chic and minimalist design, combining a classic leather handle with an upright flip-up structure.

It includes “The Ritual of Jing” cosmetics from Rituals, a prestigious fragrance brand from the Netherlands.


The amenity kit also includes a custom-designed blanket by Loro Piana, a century-old Italian luxury wool brand, made with 100% Loro Piana Zelander fabric and Punto Cavallo piping stitching.

Passengers can enjoy the utmost comfort with skin-soft pajamas and Sony’s top-of-the-line noise-canceling WH-1000XM5 wireless headset.

Business Class: Stylish and Functional

Business Class passengers will receive amenity kits designed to resemble the iconic Bric’s suitcase. These kits perfectly blend style and functionality.

The amenity kit includes products from Huygens, a renowned French skincare brand. These products, infused with natural essential oils, help alleviate the stress of long-distance travel and promote deep sleep.

Passengers can also relax with a double-sided blanket made of 100% GRS-certified polyester, featuring a soft gray plush that feels gentle against the skin. Skin-soft pajamas are also provided for added comfort.

Premium Economy: Comfort in Earth Tones

Customers traveling in Premium Economy will have the pleasure of using Samsonite RED series amenity kits.

These kits feature earth-toned designs and offer a light and comfortable high-altitude experience. Premium Economy passengers will also find special double-sided blankets to ensure a cozy journey.

Economy Class: Thoughtful and Sustainable

Even in Economy Class, STARLUX Airlines ensures a pleasant travel experience. Passengers will receive eco-friendly amenity kits created by the airline, adorned with Taiwanese Aboriginal totems.

These kits contain essential grooming accessories, providing convenience and comfort throughout the journey.

Sports-Themed Amenities and Spider-Verse Flights

STARLUX Airlines aims to delight passengers with unique offerings beyond their luxurious amenity kits. Starting this month, the Los Angeles-Taipei route will feature a variety of sports-themed amenities.

Passengers traveling from LAX to TPE can enjoy LA Dodgers-themed amenities, while those on the TPE to LAX route will be treated to LA Clippers-themed amenities. These additions reflect STARLUX’s commitment to tailoring the travel experience to its passengers’ interests and preferences.

Furthermore, STARLUX Airlines has collaborated with Sony Pictures Animation’s film, “Spider-ManTM: Across the Spider-Verse,” to launch Spider-Verse-themed flights on all Asian routes.

Passengers can immerse themselves in the superhero world with the “Travel Like a Superhero” campaign, running through August. Spider-Verse goodies will be available on board in all classes, ensuring a thrilling and entertaining journey.


STARLUX Airlines continues to exceed passenger expectations with its enhanced Los Angeles-Taipei route and exclusive “Home-in-the-Air” amenities.

The increased frequency of flights allows for greater convenience and connectivity between major cities in North America and Asia.

With the addition of luxury co-branded amenity kits and sports-themed offerings, STARLUX Airlines has truly elevated the flying experience.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 5 Min Read
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