STARLUX Airlines launches maiden flight to Kumamoto

A STARLUX Airlines aircraft arrives in Kumamoto, Japan.
Photo Credit: STARLUX Airlines

This month, premium service carrier STARLUX Airlines operated its maiden flight on the brand-new Taipei-Kumamoto route, furthering the connection between Taiwan and Japan.

The new route service is notable, as it makes STARLUX the first Taiwanese carrier to operate flights into Kumamato, Japan.

A Historic Inaugural Flight

On Friday, September 1st, at 09:45 AM, the inaugural flight JX846 from Taipei to Kumamoto took off. The flight was bound for the heart of Kyushu, Japan, and it was a highpoint for both STARLUX Airlines and aviation enthusiasts.

This event was not just about flying from one city to another; it symbolized the strong ties between Taiwan and Japan and opened up new opportunities for travelers.

Photo Credits: STARLUX Airlines

What sets this launch apart is that STARLUX Airlines is the first carrier in Taiwan to operate regular flights to Kumamoto. Initially, the airline will offer five flights per week directly to Kumamoto.

However, starting from October 29th, this frequency will increase to a daily service, making it even more convenient for travelers to choose STARLUX Airlines for their journeys.


A Warm Welcome by Kumamon

The first flight was scheduled to touch down at Aso Kumamoto Airport at around 1:00 PM local time. As the aircraft taxied on the runway, it was warmly greeted by the iconic mascot of Kumamoto — “Kumamon.”

This fluffy bear character is beloved by locals and visitors alike and served as a symbol of the warm reception awaiting passengers.

Embracing Tradition: Kagami Biraki Ceremony

In a beautiful display of cultural respect, STARLUX Airlines’ Chairman K.W. Chang and CEO Glenn Chai presided over the traditional Japanese inauguration ritual known as “Kagami biraki.”

This ceremony holds great significance and symbolizes best wishes for safe and smooth journeys for all future flights. It’s a testament to STARLUX Airlines’ commitment to embracing local customs and traditions.

CEO Glenn Chai Comments

Glenn Chai, the CEO of STARLUX Airlines, spoke on the inauguration of the new route, saying, “Following Fukuoka, STARLUX Airlines is opening its second destination in Kyushu — Kumamoto. Kumamoto boasts magnificent natural landscapes and vibrant traditional culture.”

“It’s also an important hub for the semiconductor industry, a gathering place for cutting-edge technology in Japan,” he furthered.

“Positioned at the center of Kyushu, its convenient geographical location allows both business travelers and tourists to enjoy STARLUX Airlines’ premium flight services, embarking on a journey to Kumamoto to experience its fiery charm.”

Commemorative Gifts and Activities

To celebrate the inaugural flight, STARLUX Airlines went the extra mile to make passengers feel special. Each traveler bound for Kumamoto received a premium skincare set from Kumamoto’s brand “Domohorn Wrinkle” and a “Kumamon” stuffed toy. These thoughtful gifts not only add to the excitement of the journey but also serve as souvenirs to cherish.

Adding a touch of festivity to the occasion, games were organized as part of the ceremony, offering passengers the chance to win exciting prizes.

Kumamoto: A New Destination

Kumamoto now proudly joins STARLUX Airlines’ list of destinations in Japan, which includes Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Okinawa, Sapporo, and Sendai.

Initially, the airline will operate five flights a week to Kumamoto using the A321neo aircraft, which offers 188 seats, including eight business class seats and 180 economy class seats.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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